We have been asked to think deeply about what we are doing, at every moment.  This
    responsibility gives us honour.  You must know what you are doing and for whom or what
    you are moving, running and asking.  Think about it.  What is your target?  What you do for
    your ego, or this life, is false and will disappear.  It is temporary, therefore it has no value.  
    But what you do for Allah will be endless.

    If I am sitting then also my resting is for Allah.  My movement, or rest, is for Allah.  And I
    am surrendering to my Lord.  What He is ordering me to do,  I am running to fulfill it. The
    responsibility begins the moment you awaken.  You must then look for what and whom you
    are doing whay you do and what is the benefit.  And if there is no benefit for yourself, or
    another, then leave it, as that moment will call a cursing upon you. Everything for is Allah, and
    you make everything for Allah.  (important point and rule).  Everything that belongs to Allah
    must be for Allah.  That is real faith and you have been ordered to keep that rule perfectly.  

    As you know that everything is for Allah, then you must do everything for Allah.  If living,
    then live for Allah, die for Allah, eat for Allah.  If you are drinking then drink for Allah.  If you
    are building, do it for Allah.  If you are speaking you must speak for Allah.  In this way
    everything is going to be worship.  If every action and moment were to be for Allah, then
    Allah Almighty would carry that servant and support him, as he lives for Allah, and does
    everything for Allah. He must support him. People are falling like dead leaves from a tree.  No
    longer wanting to do anything for their mother (tree).  They only do everything for themselves
    and not considering about their Lord or doing anything for their Creator.  They are fooled by
    the world (dunya).  Only living for material things and not thinking fof their spirituality.  

    We must take care of this twenty-four hours a day, but we are not even thinking about it for
    twenty four seconds. Everything is for Allah and you also are for Allah.  So you must do
    everything for Allah.Allah is looking at your intention and if you intend Him, you will not be
    left in the hands of shaitan.  No!  Allah will keep you, and support you.  He looks to your
    hearts and if  He sees that you are working for your ego, or physical desires, He will be
    cutting the support.  He is looking as to whether you are keeping to His way and orders, or
    not.  If not, He may then leave you for a while, so that  you will come back to yourself. If
    acting for Allah, your work is blessed, honoured and acceptable.  If an action is not for Allah
    you are wasting yourself and destroying your personality.  Countless troubles should surround

    Look at your actions always.  Is it for Allah or not?  Look and check everyday, as to how
    many hours you have been for Allah, for how long were you in connection with the Divine
    Presence, or for how many hours were you present with your ego. Be careful to be for Allah,
    when eating, drinking, working, praying and for every moment.  This will leave you strong
    and happy, and life will be sweet.  Allah gave this life to believers to be sweet and nice, not to
    be hard and tasteless. Life is hard and tasteless for those who do not believe and for those
    doing bad deeds. Be for Allah.  Live for Allah.  Die for Allah.  Nothing else matters.  Leave
    them to take the whole world.  They want to enjoy from the things of this world and to eat
    and to drink.

    However enjoyment is from Allah Almighty, and our hearts are for His endless blessings. By
    working for Allah, and through your obedience, He dresses you with Divine Lights.  After
    that, you have only to protect and keep it.  You must make a sacrifice of your physical beings
    desires, so that spiritual power can quickly and easily reach to your soul. Don’t lose your trust
    in your Creator who is saying, “I am your guarantor for your eating and drinking.”  “If you
    are for me, I will make everything easy for you.”  “If you trust me I will never make you to
    tire.”  This gives to you contentment and you wont think of anything except servant hood.  He
    says, “Trust me, I will make it easy.”  (most important principle in Islam). Who is for Allah
    knows that Allah is enough?  He is more than enough.  We are believing and trusting Allah, and
    trying to be for His Divine Service.  Keep that line.  It is the safe way.

    Look for this honour and don’t look for honour from anything else. A building not built for
    Allah Almighty’s  honour, and for the respect of Rasoolullah (sal) will fall down.  If it is built
    for Him you will be happy, and there will be no burdens on you.  Do something for Allah
    everyday.  Know His rights.  Work for Him and no one else. You may do everything, but you
    must try to do everything for Allah Almighty only.  Do something so that Allah Almighty is
    going to be happy with you.  If not you will fall into a deep ocean, so deep that no one may be
    able to pull you up. The way you live, will be the way you die, and the way that you will be
    resurrected.  Live for Allah.  Who follows what Prophets said, obeys Allah.

    Live for Him and you have nothing to fear. Some people say that we must learn, or we must
    do something thing else.  No. Our whole life is for Islam, and Islam is for Allah.  When you
    are stepping, make it a step for Allah.  That is your practicing Islam.  You must look to where
    you are stepping and to where you are looking.  Are you looking for Allah, or for your ego?  
    When spread your hand and catch something you must look for whom you are carrying or
    touching.  You must look to what you are hearing is it for Allah, or for your ego?  When you
    are speaking you must see as to what you are speaking whether it is for you ego or for Allah?  
    You are sitting or thinking for whom?  You are sleeping for what?  You are eating for strength
    or because of your Lords command? For whom is our every moment of every day, and our
    every breath?

    He who has reached to the station of a ‘Real Deputy,’ (we are all now candidates) must
    control every breath.  Every breath of Allah will be  Hu, Hu, Hu, Hu, (silently, inside).  He who
    controls every moment, action and breath of his is the one who is a ‘Real Deputy’ of Allah.  
    We must try to bring ourselves into that line. Don’t be alone.  With every breath, don’t forget
    with Whom you are in existence.  That is enough.  That is practicing. If you do not forget,
    then every moment is a worshipping of Allah, or it is a service, for the Divine Presence.  With
    every moment and every breath, you are serving and reaching to the Divine presence, then
    your name will be written to be a Divine Service Servant.  Try it.  It is a following. Don’t
    Waste Your Life..


and to

Sheikh Nazim