Our Grandsheikh Abdullah is speaking (sending to my heart) on a very important
    point in every religion, about the Day of Promises.  All the sons and daughters of
    Adam, all mankind, were present in the heavens on the Day of Promises.  Allah
    Almighty took from everyone firstly the promise that we accept Him as our Lord and
    that we are His humble servants.  Our Grandsheikh says another promise we made
    was to worship Him sincerely.  “Oh people,” the Quran says, “you must know that pure
    worship in sincerity is to Allah.”  This goes for everyone from the beginning up to the
    end, all mankind.

    What is purity and sincerity, and, when can we be successful?  Our Grandsheikh says
    when a person finishes his purification,  then he may do pure worship.  As long as he
    has bad character, his worship is not sincere; there are always some dirty doings, as
    he is unhealthy because of his ego; because of bad character, a person puts into a
    clean meal some dirty thing, like dirt in a cup of honey, then no one may eat.  As long
    as there are bad characters from our ego, we can’t be safe from dirtiness.  The first
    step to pure worship is fighting the ego until nothing of bad character is left.

    There are 80,000 bad characteristics, but some, like anger, envy, and pride are like a
    sea with so many others living inside.  If we cut the head of these, the body cannot
    live.  Once a person asked the Prophet to give him some advice.  He said: “Leave
    anger.”  Who controls his anger can do pure worship.  Our first duty is to purify our
    heart, and then Allah may put in pure faith and light.  Then you succeed in the
    promise made to the Lord for pure and sincere worship.

    The very struggle to leave bad character is the loveliest service to Allah.  He likes to
    look on His servant working to purify himself, and even if he does not complete it,
    Allah will complete it for him on the last day.  The beginning is in our hands, but the
    completion is only by Divine help.  We must intend for every good thing, it is our duty.  
    Don’t be afraid about good intentions; you’re Lord promised to help, so intend as
    much as you can.  If it is written for you in this life, you will accomplish it.  If it is not
    written for you, your Lord will reward you as if it were accomplished.

    For example, I am asking my Lord that I may put in every town and village one
    mosque with an Imam and a Muezzin and also give endowment to keep it working.  
    This is my intent, perhaps it is impossible, but it is written, accomplished or not.  We
    are asking for purification.  Perhaps we have not enough time to accomplish it, but on
    the last day, we will be with those who completed it in this life.  Every lesson of our
    Grandsheikh is for purification; as he is he telling us of a good manner or cautioning
    us of a bad character.  As much as we understand we must act upon it.  Whoever is
    asking for the Divine Presence must think about these good aspects and follow a
    guide, so that he may reach to his Lord’s pleasure.



Sheikh Nazim