We live in a world and we are surrounded by a universe.  We are in such a centre that from
every direction we are surrounded by a universe; some part of it we can see and some of it we
cannot.  We say that there is space.  In space we look at the lighted dots and we say that those
are stars, suns, galaxies, and between each one there are huge distances.  What do scholars and
scientists say?  Are the distances in between, huge distances, empty or full?  What do they say?

We look and say, “It is empty.”  Then I say, “Empty? If it is empty, is it something, or not?”  
We see only some dots of light and black darkness.  Is it something or not?  If it is empty, it
means it is nothing; if it is nothing, how are so many galaxies and stars and suns standing or
running or spinning in nothing?  If it is nothing, everything in it must be nothing, also.  
Something in nothing – how can it be?  I think about it so many times, but what is the answer?  
Thus it is a strange thing; a surprising universe, this universe.  How are galaxies moving in

Allah Almighty, the Lord of the universes, calls people to believe in the Unseen.  We must believe
in unseen worlds, in unseen universes, in unseen creatures, and in an unseen Creator; otherwise
we must leave our minds and go without mind, we must deny our mental faculties.  As we have
been created, we must believe.  Allah Almighty created this world to be a station for us; we may
put our feet on it and go on.

The whole universe is swimming in the endless Power Oceans of Someone.  Even if you do not
accept to say “God” or “Allah,” you must know and you must accept this fact; to believe is one
thing but to accept is something else.  We must accept that the whole universe is swimming in
an endless Power Ocean of Someone because those Power Oceans must belong to Someone
since you can’t find the smallest part of a place in which there is no power.  To the extent that
matter is small, there is an immense power concentrated in it, huge power stations in the smallest
particle of matter.

Now, there must be endless knowledge for that Someone.  If He doesn’t have endless
knowledge, nothing can appear in existence.  We have a saying in Arabic, “Fa fi kulli shayin lahu
ayah,” - that in everything in existence there are signs of Allah.  Even if you look at the smallest
particle of the universe – the atom, as we know – it has a very amazing structure in itself.  You
can fill a library with that atomic knowledge.  That is the structure of the universe which we
see.  It is impossible for even the smallest particle of the universe to appear in existence without
its carrying endless knowledge or pointing to its Creator’s endless knowledge.

Then, that universe which appears in existence also points to Someone’s endless artistry.  That
Someone must have endless art; without knowledge of endless art, He can never bring into
existence even the smallest part of this universe.  Yes.  You look at this building and you say that
the architect, who built such a building, is a powerful and great one.  And the whole universe
indicates the fact that Someone must possess the most perfect artistry.  If you do not accept
this, you must give up your mind or your mental faculties.  You must give them up; only then
can you deny this.  Otherwise you must accept.

Then, also, we must accept that for that One, for that Someone, there must be endless will.  If
no will, if this vast universe exists without a will, how can there come from Power Oceans such
a hashmah, greatness, in such a “charming” universe?  Without will, how is it going to appear
from endless Power Oceans?  Therefore, for that Someone there must be endless Will Oceans,
and reason and logic, say that this must be so.

We must accept, if we are people with minds, that for that Someone there must also be vision.  
Who says that the one who made this instrument – tape recorder, was a blind man?  Can a blind
man do this?  Never!  The vision of that Someone must be endless because it is impossible for a
blind someone to make such a charming universe. No, never! He is that someone who sees the
inside of atoms and the outside of atoms, as He looks at the inside and at the outside of
everything, because otherwise it is impossible.

Then, we must also accept that this Someone must be someone who hears.  Without ears he is
able to hear.  From every part of creation, from every place in the universe, He must hear
because everyone or everything in existence is calling out to Him and asking from Him.  If He
was not hearing, He would not be able to give everything what it may be in need of to exist; so
He must have endless hearing so that He can meet everyone’s needs.

That One, that Someone must be.  And that Some one cannot be two or three because if there
were two or three or more, one would order, and one cancel.  Thus, firstly, philosophers, by the
way of their minds, look and say concerning that Someone in the universe, that the most perfect
coordination exists in everything.  Such great order exists among all things that this universe
would not be perfect if even one atom were to be out of existence.  There is such tremendous
ordering and coordination, throughout the entire universe.  And they give a name to that

We are now using the way of minds to find an Owner of this universe because we are not its
owners.  No one can say this because Someone may take it away from us and it will be gone.  
Who can claim that this universe is his?  But then we must ask, as to whom does it belong?

That is a question for everyone who has a brain in his head to think on.  Therefore, we are
asking for that Someone.  There must be an Owner, and we are using the way of minds now to
find Him. The mind has now realized that there must be an Owner with such attributes and that
He must have endless Power Oceans, He must have endless Knowledge Oceans, He must have
endless vision, He must have endless learning, He must have endless vision, He must have
endless art, He must have endless will.  You may use any name for that Someone, but we say
that He is Allah Almighty, that Someone – God Almighty, our Lord, the Lord of the universes,
the Lord of the Sons of Adam, the Lord of every human being, past, present and those that are  
to come in the future.

                                              The End
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