Those who would like to be raised with the Generous Prophets and with the Magnificent
    Saints and with the People of Tariqah, they must forsake the enmity which is harboured in
    them, and they must show them their love.In the following letter our Sheik has further
    elaborated on the Awrad and Adab that correspond to the level of the fourth group:


    Our brother/sister.

    Wa 'alaikum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!

    Your kind letter has just arrived, and it has pleased me greatly. I ask my Lord to bless you and
    to guide you to His Glorious Presence. The first step in reaching Divine assistance is to find
    someone who is himself .Divinely guided and belongs to the Glorious Divine Presence of Allah
    Almighty. Such a person may not be found in books, but you are lucky because you have
    been searching for such a person, and it is the right of whoever seeks such a man that he will
    ultimately find him. We are honoured to be Almighty Allah's servants, and we see no ranks
    which are above the rank of being His servant; there is no greater honour.

    We were all in the Divine Presence on the Day of Promises, in the World of Souls, the real
    servants of Allah Almighty, who know the promise they made to their Lord. No doubt, I may
    say, that our Grandshaikh was one of those true servants; whoever would like to reach the
    Glory of the Divine Presence may follow him. There are so many guides, but it is enough for
    us to take only one. You may accept him as your guide, and you may do Dhikr according to
    his commands. Every day you may repeat It is for this reason that the Pride of all Creation
    (On whom be. the best of Prayers and Peace!) said: He who has good thoughts about people
    will not come to a bad end."

    No matter how much a sinner such a 'Good-thinker' is, he- will nevertheless be raised with the
    People of Allah (Who is Powerful and Sublime!) But he who thinks always bad of the people,
    he will have a bad ending. When we speak of a bad end' we do not intend to say that such a
    person will end up in distress, rather we mean that he will enter the Heavens belonging to
    ordinary people, and he will not enter with the one who belongs to the Station of the Greatest
    Pleasure. three times: Kalimatu'sh-Shahadah (Ashhadu an la ilaha illallah wa ashhadu anna
    Muhammadan 'abduhu wa Rasuluh.)

    70 times : Astaghfirullah.

    100 times : Allah Allah.

    100 times : La ilaha Ulallah.

    100 times : Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammadiw wa 'ala Ali Muhammadiw wa sallim.

    11 times : Qui huwallahu Ahad. (Surah Number 112)

    Then you should recite the Fatihah, dedicating it to the Holy Prophet Muhammad and to

    Advise from our Beloved Grandsheik’
    I advise you not to look at the wrong doings of other people, and not to blame other people for
    what they do. Look always to their good side; and I advise you to remain calm always and not
    to get angry. I advise you to do your best for everyone as far as you are able. because this is
    the way of all the Prophets (peace be upon them) who always did their best for whoever they
    were with; and to teach people to do their best for everyone. This is the best characteristic of
    Islam. We pray for you that He Almighty might pour out His endless blessings, giving you
    moreand more from His Light.Your Obedient Servant for His Sake, His Weakest Slave, Sultan
    ul Awliya Sayyidina Moulana Sheik Abdulla Faiz ad Dagesthani (RA).

                                                                  The End


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