Each and very human being has two hearts. One is a physical lump of flesh the size of a fist
    and the other is the spiritual heart of immeasurable size and depth, more immense than the

    If you are asking about aches in the physical heart, the remembrance of Allah is one good
    medicine, as it imparts unto our bodies strength and regularity and helps the bodily systems
    that effect the heart to maintain better equilibrium.

    If your question pertains to the spiritual heart the heart that encompasses the whole universe,
    the remembrance of Allah is the medicine and nourishment of that heart as well. But to even
    become aware of the existence and functions of that heart certain teachings must be absorbed
    and certain practices maintained, for these teaching and practices are what can make our
    remembrance effective.There are five stations of the spiritual heart.

    These stations are virtually unattainable to people because they never place a guard at the first
    station, and thus Satan is free to enter it at will and to make his mischievous, evil
    proclamations. When we let him enter, he immediately starts to discourage us from our
    spiritual endeavours by announcing that in reality there is no “train,” no “spiritual station,” and
    no destination.” He claims, indeed, that even this first station is no station at all but only a place
    where we are wasting our time waiting to go somewhere when in fact there is nowhere to go.
    By making such false proclamations he hopes to influence us to abandon the hope of attaining
    spiritual enlightenment - to leave even that first station and occupy ourselves as his servants in
    his realm. If we heed his tricky words and abandon our journey he will keep us in constant
    misery and distress like prisoners in a very tiny cell. But if you post a guard at the first station
    of your heart to prevent Satan and his soldiers from entering, you will be safe from the
    invasion of bad thoughts and evil intentions that would pull you down into endless trouble.

    Who is that guard? That guard is “dhikr,” the remembrance of Allah. Who remembers his Lord
    has a Divine Light in his heart that prevents Satan and his soldiers from entering. Therefore the
    more you are able to remember and to meditate, keeping a close observer’s eye on your heart;
    the more successful you will be in keeping out your mortal enemy.

    What is it that keeps us from meditation and self observation? When we dwell on the desires
    of our lower selves we become preoccupied and distracted from our vigilance. Thus with our
    own desires Satan accomplishes his break in. But how can we escape from the preoccupation
    with our ego’s desire when those desires are such an intrinsic part of our being? You must
    know that the ego’s desires are of two kinds legitimate and illegitimate. The physical being is
    attracted to food drink and sexual life. You cannot prevent yourself from desiring those things
    as long as you are alive, for we are human beings and not angels.

    We must understand that Allah Almighty grants us from all of those things that we desire only
    as much as is good for us, - just as much as will make us better able to concentrate on our
    “guard duty”. The best guard is neither the starving man nor the overfed glutton, for the
    starving man will leave his post in search of food, and the overfed glutton will fall asleep at his
    post. Thus if a person does not permit himself even the legitimate fulfilment of physical need
    especially sex , the lower self will rebel violently and attack him with a gigantic and frenzied
    explosion which forces him to fulfill his needs immediately, regardless of whether that
    fulfilment is legitimate or not.

    For this reason our Grandsheikh orders every murid to grant their ego its legitimate rights and
    to listen to some of its demands; - that they eat and drink of good wholesome and tasteful
    permitted food and marry in accordance with the Divine injunction. If you deny yourselves
    these permitted pleasures you are inviting “heart disease,” and you will suffer from many
    blows, sometimes to the heart, to the head to the stomach or the sexual organs, etc, and
    therefore you must have a guide to teach you how to prevent such an onslaught. A person in
    distress from heartache must seek a Guide with the same urgency that a heart attack victim
    calls for a doctor.



with the

Sheikh Nazim