Sheikh Abdullah Daghistani


                                        The Concept of the Seal of Saints.

    Sheikh ul Akbar Muhiyudin Ibn al Arabi has in his book Futuhat i Makkiya (The
    Meccan Revelations) written about the concept of Khatm ul Awlia or the Seal of
    Saints.  According to him all the Prophets and Saints are from the Light of the
    Spirit of Muhammed and are its manifestations.  The Spirit of Muhammad is the
    beginning andending of the entire Spiritual Hierarchy.  Adam (alai) was its first
    manifestation and theProphet Muhammad (Sal) himself was the last and most
    complete manifestation of theSpirit of Muhammad.  Prophet hood reached its
    height and completion in the Prophet Mohammad (Sal) and therefore in the
    hierarchy of the Prophets he was the most complete and greatest.

    In the case of the Seal of Saints what distinguishes the Seal of Saints from all the
    other Saints and Prophets is that the Spirit of Mohammed is completely and fully
    manifested in the Seal of the Saints and that he is the final entity of the Spiritual
    Hierarchy to whom the Spirit of Mohammad is directly passed.  Unlike the Seal of
    Prophets where Prophet hood was sealed after the Seal of Prophets in the case
    of the Seal of the Saints, sainthood shall continue after the Seal of Saints. Saints
    will come after him.

    Sheikh Muhiyudin Ibn al Arabi means by the Seal that only the Saintship which
    comes from the Mohammadan heritage (Irth Muhammadi) has been sealed which
    means that there will be other Saints after the Seal of Saints but that they will not
    be the immediate Spiritual Inheritors of Mohammad instead they shall be the heirs
    of the other Prophets or Saints through the channel or mediumship of the Seal of

    Sheikh ul Akbar Muhiyudin Ibn al Arabi also says that the Seal of Saints like the
    seal of Prophets was in existence from pre eternity when Adam (alai) was
    between clay and water.  He also says that the internality or the inward aspect
    (batin) of the Seal of Saints is the same as that of the Prophet Muhammad (sal)
    and that all spiritual knowledge come to all other Prophets and Saints through the
    channel and mediumship of the Seal of Saints.

                                          The Identity of the Seal of Saints

    The information that we have about our Grandsheikh Moulana Abdullah Faiz
    Dhagistani is mainly from the lectures of his Grandsheikh who was Sheikh
    Sharafuddeen Dhagistani (ral) who was also his uncle and also from the lectures
    from Grandsheikh Abdullah Faiz Dagistani himself and Moulana Sheik Nazim.
    Sheikh Sharafuddeen said that as soon as Sheikh Abdullah was born the eye of
    his heart  was open and that Sheikh Abdullah was able to speak of the Heavens
    up to the  Throne of Allah Almighty Himself which includes the knowledge of our
    Earth and the  Seven Heavens as well.  This means that he can give the
    knowledge of all of creation  which Allah Almighty opened for him and for Prophet
    Muhammad (sal) and for all of  the Saints.

    At the age of seven Sheikh Abdullah would effortlessly speak about the highest of
    Spiritual knowledge so much so that when his Grandsheikh Sheikh Sharafuddeen
    asked him as to how he could speak on these very high knowledge he answered
    that  these words came to him from the Divine Presence itself like they were
    written in front  of him and that he had only to look at those words and speak
    about it.  Sheikh  Abdullah could at this age speak on Spiritual knowledge that had
    never been opened  by anyone before him.  Sheikh Abdullah said regarding this
    that if he was to reveal  the deep secrets and Divine Knowledge (ma’rifatullah)
    that he had in his heart even  the Saints would misunderstand him and have him
    Sheikh Abdullah was ordered by his Sheikh to get married when he was fifteen
    years  old.  Six months after this he was ordered into a seclusion by his
    Grandsheikh for a  period of five years.  Such was the severity of the training that
    Sheikh Abdullah  received.  All in all he is reported to have done at least twenty
    seclusions during  which his spiritual rank increased to great heights never
    before attained by any one  before him.  


                                                    The Ocean of Saints

    Sheikh Abdullah was the Ocean of the Saints so much so that the Light of
    Prophecy  and the Light of Sainthood (wilaya) passed from the heart of Prophet
    Muhammad  (sal) to the heart of Sheikh Abdullah and it was from the heart of
    Sheikh Abdulla that  like a channel these Lights and knowledge came to all the
    Saints who lived from the  time of Adam (alai) upto now and it shall continue in this
    manner until the coming time  of the Day of Judgment. It was Sheikh Abdullah who
    dressed all these Saints in all  their stations (maqams) and ranks.  No Light of
    Sainthood was given by Prophet  Muhammad (sal) to any Saint except through the
    heart of Sheikh Abdullah.  This was  the situation even before Sheikh Abdullah
    was born into this world.

    Sheikh Sharafuddeen also said that the spiritual reality of Sheikh Abdullah is like
    the  reality of Seyyadina Abu Bakr Siddique (ral). Just as Seyyadina Abu Bakr
    Siddique  (ral) was with Prophet Muhammad (sal) from pre eternal times so was
    Sheikh  Abdullah with Prophet Muhammad (sal).  When Allah Almighty made the
    Light of  Prophet Muhammad (sal) to appear and to manifest, the lights of
    Seyyadina Abu Bakr  Siddique (ral) and the Light of Sheikh Abdullah also appeared
    at the same time and  they accompanied Prophet Muhammad (sal) from the time
    when no creation was yet  created. This was the time when everything was in the
    Oceans of Knowledge of Allah  Almighty. This means that Sheikh Abdullah was
    accompanying all the Prophets and  all the Saints during all the past centuries.

    Sheikh Sharafuddeen said that as Prophet Muhammad (Sal) is the Seal of the
    Prophets so is Sheikh Abdullah the Seal of the Saints.  This does not mean that no
    Saints will come after Sheikh Abdullah.  There will be other Saints coming after
    him.   Therefore what the Seal of Saints means is that all the Lights of all the
    Saints before  and after must come through the heart of the Seal of the Saints
    who is Sheikh  Abdullah.  All the Saints from the time of Adam (alai) up to the Day
    of Judgment had  to have received their Lights through Sheikh Abdullah and it was
    Sheikh Abdullah  who also dressed them in all their stations (maqam) and ranks.

    Sheikh Sharafuddeen further said that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sal) has
    made  Sheikh Abdullah to be in a station (maqam) and a rank in which not one of
    the  children of Adam (alai) had the capability to step on and to put their foot in this
    station  (maqam) or rank. Sheikh Abdullah was the one who dove deep into the
    oceans of  wisdom, secrets and realities of the Divine Oceans of Unity of Allah
    Almighty with the  help and support of Prophet Mohammad (sal) the Seal of

                                               The Medium and the Channel

    Sheikh Abdullah was the one who took these secrets, wisdom and realities and
    gave  them to all the Saints past and present. Sheikh Abdullah is also the one who
    was  teaching the secrets of the Holy Quran to Sahib uz Zaman Seyyadina
    Muhammad  Mahdi (alai) on the orders of the Prophet Muhammad (sal) as Sheikh
    Abdullah had  this promise given to him on the day of promises so as to be able to
    reveal the  secrets of  the Holy Quran to all creation during the time of Mahdi (alai)
    by his  spiritual reality.  The angels and jinns follow Sheikh Abdullah and
    accompany him and  do what Sheikh Abdullah wants them to do.  They will do as
    he wants by the order of  Allah Almighty and by the order of Prophet Muhammad

    Sheikh Abdullah was so close to Allah Almighty and to the Prophet Muhammad
    (sal)  that there were no veils between Sheikh Abdullah and the Prophet
    Mohammad (sal)  and also no veils between Sheikh Abdullah and Allah Almighty. If
    he was to ask  anything from Allah Almighty then it would be granted to him as
    Allah Almighty will say  “what is it that you wish for my sincere servant, I will give
    it to you.”

    The secrets of the Holy Quran are only to be recited now and not to be revealed
    except during the time of Seyyadina Mahdi (alai) and Esa (alai).  It shall be
    revealed at the end of time during the period of Mahdi (alai) and Esa (alai) before
    the day of
    judgment and this shall take place through the channel of the Seal of Saints who
    is  Sheikh Abdu

    Seyyadina Muhiyudin Ibn al Arabi in his book Futuhat i Makkiya says that at last
    Allah  Almighty will change the blessings and inspirations of the whole world by
    His greatest  name which is the name which will be opened so that Allah Almighty  
    makes the earth  to carry this burden of Allah Almighty.  He will open the secret of
    His greatest name at  that time. Allah Almighty is going to appoint and to send the
    Ghauz or the Qutb who’s  name is Abdullah to settle in Damascus and he will be
    like a pillar when Allah Almighty  inspires him and looks at him.  The Prophet
    Muhammad’s spirituality will be with him at  that time. He will be accompanied by
    this spirituality.  He shall only speak by  translating with the spirituality of the
    Prophet Muhammad (sal) to anyone who is  around or beside him.  After the
    passing away of Sheik Abdullah this 'trust' (amana)  was dressed on Moulana
    Sheikh Nazim to carry this trust till the coming of Seyyadina  Mahdi (alai) and Esa
    (alai) when the spirituality of Sheikh Abdullah will appear again  and will reveal all
    these secrets.

    Sheikh Abdullah said that he is the one who is serving Allah Almighty and Prophet
    Muhammad (sal) through the Naqshabandi way. He was serving all the children of
    Adam (alai) up to the time of death and all what he gained during his lifetime as
    good  deeds he has promised to the  Prophet Muhammad (sal) that they be
    distributed to  his nation who are all the children of Adam (alai).

                                                       The Sultan ul Ad-dhikr

    There is a manner in which the Holy Quran is recited that is known as Sultan ul
    adh-  dhikr.  This type of recital of the Holy Quran is only done by the highest
    ranking  Saints. This recital of the Holy Quran is done with all the secrets of the
    Quran and its  inner realities which mean that the person reciting the Holy Quran
    in this manner is  reciting it with the secrets of everything in existence from the
    very beginning to the  very end.

    The number of times that the Holy Quran was recited in this manner by the Saints
    also defers according to the rank and power of the saint reciting it.  Shah
    Bahauddin  Naqshaband was able to complete the recital of the Holy Quran in this
    manner nine  hundred and ninety nine (999) times during his entire life.  Sheikh
    Ahmed Faruq  Sirhindi did this nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine (9,999)
    times during his  life time.  Sheikh Sharafuddin was able to do it nineteen
    thousand nine hundred and  ninety nine (19,999) times.

    Sheikh Nazim said that with every inhalation Sheikh Abdullah recited the Holy
    Quran  in this manner and also with every exhalation in this manner which means
    that he  used to complete the recitation of the Holy Quran in this manner twice in
    every  breath.  Such was the spiritual rank and power of Sheikh Abdullah.

                                                   The Supreme Sacrifice

    Six months before Sheikh Abdullah passed away which was during the Islamic
    month  of Muharam in the year of 1973 which was on a Friday he came to the
    mosque where  he is buried now and he made the kathm ul khawajagan or the
    Naqshbandi group  zikr. While doing this Zikr he was crying profusely.  He then
    gave a lecture in which he  said that on that night the Prophet Muhammad (sal)
    told him that the children of Adam  (alai) and his nation specially this last nation
    are going to be so weak in their Iman  (faith) and so weak in their worshipping.
    That they will be following their desires and  their egos and that they will love this
    world and this life. That they will not be following  Allah Almighty and the Prophet
    Muhammad (sal) and they will not be following the  Saints.

    The Prophet Muhammad (sal) said   “So there is no way that they will be saved
    from  hell except and unless an Awlia (saint) of the highest rank sacrifices
    himself and takes  upon himself all their badness and all their sins. They are
    running away from Allah  Almighty and from me and they are cursing all kinds of
    religions.  If such a saint who  belongs to this highest rank sacrifices himself on
    behalf of them Allah Almighty has  given me a promise that he will save all of them
    and all their unbelief, rejection, sins  and badness will be taken over by this high
    ranking saint.”

    The Prophet (sal) further said that he could not say about the future of this high
    ranking saint and that therefore he could not guarantee what would be the
    condition  of this high ranking Waliullah who sacrifices himself thereafter.  Allah
    Almighty may  send him to hell or paradise as the Prophet Muhammad (sal) said
    that he did not  know what the condition of this great saint is going to be after he
    so sacrifices himself.

    The Prophet (Sal) also said that there is no saint who is of that required highest
    ranks  the present except sheik Abdullah who could make that sacrifice. The
    Prophet (sal)  said that he is not in a position to ask any one to do this sacrifice as
    he could not  guarantee to him as to what Allah Almighty would do to this saint.  
    Immediately Sheikh  Abdullah said, “As you like my beloved Seal of Prophets, I am
    going to sacrifice  myself for your nation”.  Two or three months after this incident
    Sheikh Abdullah  passed away from this life.

                                                      The Merciful Pleader

    Sheikh Abdullah was one of the most generous of people.  He loved the poor and
    orphans.  He not only served the nation of the Prophet Muhammad (sal) but he
    served all the children of Adam (alai). He said that he is serving all the children of
    Adam (alai) and that he will act as their lawyer and pleader on the Day of
    Judgment  when Allah Almighty will be the Highest Judge and hold His Court. On
    that day the  Prophet Muhammad (sal) will act as the intercessor and Sheik
    Abdullah shall act as  their lawyer or pleader and plead with Allah Almighty on
    their behalf.

    Allah Almighty appointed Sheikh Abdullah to be the lawyer in the court of Allah
    Almighty not only for the Muslims but for all the children of Adam (alai) as well.  He
    will  be with them in the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty and his spirituality will
    be  following every one of the children of Adam (alai). Especially during their time o
    death when their souls come up from their hearts to their throats Sheikh Abdullah
    will  spiritually appear to them and make them to except Islam and make them
    recite the  Shahada Kaleema.  He will change all of them to depart from this life
    with the  blessings of Allah Almighty and the Prophet Muhammad (sal) and he will
    give them  the good tidings of this.  Their end will not be as people now believe.  
    These are  secrets that cannot be revealed  until the coming of Seyyadina Mahdi
    (alai) and Esa  (alai).  

                                                     The Returning by Realities

    Insha Allah Sheikh Abdullah will be returning.  He has this promise from the
    Prophet  (sal) that he shall return in his reality.  The realities of the Prophet (Sal)
    and the  realties of all the Prophets and Saints shall return by their realities during
    the time of  Mahdi (alai) and Esa (alai). They shall be returning by their realities
    which are by their  Lights.  The reality of Sheikh Abdullah too shall be
    accompanying the realities of  Seyyadina Abu Bakr Siddique and Prophet
    Mohammad (Sal) till the end of time so as  to be with Seyyadina Mahdi (alai) and
    Esa (alai).  Sheikh Abdullah said that on the  Day of Judgment when Allah Almighty
    is going to fold the heavens and to take the  earth by His hands that Sheikh
    Abdullah would be the one who would present all this  into the hands of Allah
    Almighty. This would be when the Angel Israfil blows his horn.

                                                            The First Death

    Sheikh Abdullah said that he had already passed away before during the time of
    Sultan Abdul Hameed who was the last Caliph of the Ottoman Empire.  During this
    time they were conscripting soldiers for the army. It fell to Sheikh Sharafuddin the
    Grandsheik of Sheikh Abdullah to also join the army.  Sheikh Abdullah was
    however  exempt from joining the army as he was the only son in his family.  
    These were the  rules at that time. Sheikh Abdullah however said that on behalf of
    his Grandsheikh  Sheikh Sharafuddin that he would sacrifice himself and join the
    army instead.  This  meant that Sheik Abdullah would go on behalf of his
    Grandsheikh Sheikh Sharafuddin  to fight on behalf of the Ottoman Empire.  When
    Sheikh Abdullah was in the battle  field in the front lines a bullet struck his heart
    and settled in it.  He passed aw                                           

    Sheikh Abdullah later said about this incident that he saw the Angel of Death and
    that  he died and went to the heavens and that he saw everything over there.  He
    said that  he saw the Prophet Muhammad (sal) bowing during the night journey
    when he was  ascending to the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.  He said that he
    also made a  sajda (prostration) with the Prophet Muhammad (sal) at that place.  

    After seven days the Prophet Muhammad (sal) told Sheikh Abdullah that he must
    now  return back to his body.  He said that his soul must enter into his body again
    as he  had plenty of time of his life left to serve. To this Sheikh Abdullah replied “Oh
    Rasoolullah, please forgive me, I am in these highest stations and I don’t like to
    return  back to this life.” Sheik Abdullah said, "At the time before my death I was
    in the station  of annihilating myself in my Sheikh. Then the Prophet Muhammad
    (sal) ordered my  Grandsheikh Sheikh Sharafuddin . Sheikh Sharafuddin then
    ordered me to enter into  my body."

    Sheikh Abdullah described how his soul entered into his body which was in a
    swollen  state.  When his soul entered into his body he started to cry out “Allah,
    Allah”.  At this  time some doctors belonging to the Ottoman Empire were passing
    by the body of  Sheikh Abdullah which was lying there with thousands of other
    bodies.  They saw  Sheikh Abdullah and said, “This person is not breathing well
    but his heart sounds as  if it is beating”.  So they kept their ears on the heart of
    Grandsheikh and saw that it  was beating weakly. Then they him carried away
    from the battle field and put him into  a hospital.  The Doctors could not perform an
    operation as it was not possible to go  into the place where the bullet was
    embedded and remove the bullet. Due to this they  had to make a cover like a
    cocoon over it near the heart.

                                                        The Death of a Martyr

    This is why Grandsheikh said that he will be meeting Allah Almighty on the day of
    judgment with something that gave evidence of and witnessed that Sheik
    Abdullah had performed Jihad and died a martyr.  That he had fought for the sake
    of Allah
    Almighty and Rasoolullah (sal) and for the sake of “La ilaha illallah” to be raised all
    over the world.  Allah Almighty then blessed Sheikh Abdullah and gave him good
    tidings that he shall remain till the end of time up to the time of Seyyadina Esa
    (alai).   But for the reason mentioned earlier due to Sheikh Abdullah sacrificing
    himself on  behalf of the nation of the Prophet Muhammad (sal) he had to pass
    away. He shall  return by his reality and not by his physical body during the end of
    time because he  must accompany the Prophet (sal) by his reality until the Day of
    Judgment.  So Sheikh  Abdullah shall return by his reality.

                                The Most Pleasing Return to Allah Almighty

    Sheikh Abdullah said that when he passes away from this life physically and when
    his  Sheikh orders him to leave this life, Allah Almighty shall take his soul with his
    own  hands and such lights will shine over his body which can never be
    described.  When  his body shall be placed in the grave Allah Almighty shall return
    his soul and he shall  go to the Prophet Muhammad (sal).  This is why Moulana
    Sheikh Nazim buried his  Grandsheikh Sheikh Abdulla with his own hands and
    after the burial he ordered  everyone to go out of that place.  Only Moulana Sheikh
    Nazim remained with him.   Moulana Sheikh Nazim said later that he saw Allah
    Almighty and Prophet Muhammad  (sal) returning the soul of Sheikh Abdullah to
    his body.  He said that all the one  hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets,
    and the Sahaba (the companions of the  Prophet) and all the Saints (Awliya) came
    to his grave and thereafter the Prophet  Muhammad (sal) took him to his Spiritual
    Station (maqam) .  

    These are the secrets that Sheikh Sharafuddeen gave us through his lectures and
    also the Prophet Muhammad (Sal) gave as good tidings in the Holy Assembly of
    Prophet Muhammad (Sal) to the Saints about the last Sultan ul Awlia who is the
    Seal  of Saints. After Sheikh Abdullah passed away we were given Moulana
    Sheikh Nazim  who inherited the secrets and the maqams of Sheikh Abdullah and
    no one is also  able to reach to the rank and maqam of Moulana Sheikh Nazim.

                May Allah Almighty Bless Our Grandsheikh Abdullah.



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