Don’t allow your mind to be busy with the world (dunya).  Let yourself be with Allah
    Subhana wa Tala.  Let your thinking and everything else be of Him. You are a human
    being and as such, the highest and most valuable of all creatures.  You are honour
    to Allah, because you are created to be His servants.  Honour is only for those who
    are in servant hood, and they will have many people coming after them, trying to
    make them back off and to turn them away from their way.  This is all they will ever be
    able to do, as they cannot take your heart in their grasp with their hands.  They may
    reach to your physical body and take that away, but the Iman (certitude or belief) in
    your heart they cannot even touch.

    Your heart must either be with Allah, or with dunya (the world). One or the other.  If it
    is with dunya, then their hands may reach to squeeze you.  But if your heart is with
    Allah Subhana wa Tala then they cannot reach to you. He will protect you so that
    they are not able to reach to you. If your heart is with Allah, then your physical
    bodies’ actions will never harm you.  Never!

    You cannot imagine being close to Allah Almighty, physically, but when you are
    keeping your soul (heart) with Allah Almighty, then you become closer to His Divine
    Presence, and that carries your body to be also in the Divine Presence.  But if you
    follow your physical desires, your soul cannot carry you to the Divine Presence.
    Those really alive are living with Allah.  

    At least when we pray we must try to be with Allah Almighty, then it will be spreading
    after the prayer, and the blessings will be running through all of our actions
    throughout the twenty-four hours in a day.  Honour is for ‘alive people’.  We made an
    oath on the Day of Promises, to Allah, that we would be with Him, and not leave Him.  
    But now that we are here, we are leaving Him. Honour for believers, depends on their
    Nur (Divine Lights).  Their rank and closeness to Allah, here and in the hereafter,
    depends upon it.  So we must look for Nur.

    There is not one moment even be it for the duration of a blink of an eye that the Holy
    Prophet Muhammad (sal) is not with Allah.  If he is not with Allah, then with whom
    should he be?  What else is there more important than to be with Allah?  Is there
    anything that gives higher honour that to sit with Allah?  Allah Almighty is saying, “I
    am sitting with the one who is remembering me?” (hadith). If you are with Allah, Allah
    will be with you and this is what is required from you. Say, “O my Lord, You are that
    which I am asking for.” This should be your aim.Someone who is intending to go
    somewhere, always has his destination as his aim and in his sight.  Your aim must be
    to reach to the Ocean of Unity.

    All difficulties and problems are due to being distant from Allah.  The one who is far
    from Allah, is not with Allah.  The reason for all difficulties, sins, depressions, worries
    and all dangers in this world, and in the hereafter, is from being far away from Allah.
    All problems and complaints come from being far away from Allah.

    As for him who reaches to the  Oceans of Unity, it becomes that he is with Allah.  It is
    like a drop of water falling into the ocean, coming closer and closer to the ocean, and
    when it enters the Ocean, nothing is left of this drop of water.All Sufi Orders,
    especially the Naqshabandi Tariqa, encourages people, to ask to be with Allah.  He is
    with you, but you are not with Him.  He didn’t forget you.  He is with you, wherever you
    are.  Even in barzakh, on the Day of Judgment, or in Paradise.  There is no place
    where He is not with His servants.

    The time with Allah is of the highest rank, and is of the greatest value. Be with Allah.  
    Where is Allah?  Allah is the Creator.  His existence is forever.  He has no beginning
    and no end.  None one can be like Himself.  He is the Only One. You cannot ask,
    “Where He is?”  However you may ask, “Where is He not?”  “Where is He not
    present?”  “Is there anywhere or any place that you are able to find without Allah?”
    Absolute existence is for Himself only.  His existence fills everywhere.  Do you know
    this to be the case, or not?

    Allah is ordering us, “Don’t think about Myself (His Essence).”  “You can not.”  “It is
    prohibited to try and think about how I am”  No! Forbidden.  “You can think about that
    which I created.”  At least you may think about your own personality.

    You are now like one of those stone pyramids in Egypt.  People, look at them and
    think that are only built from stone, with no doors or windows.  “Impossible!”  “For
    what purpose?” “No gates or holes!?” But the time is coming when people will think
    seriously about how it is.  And they will say, “We must look into it and find out.”  Then
    when they get deep into thought about it, the Lord of heavens will open a space to
    find a way inside.

    Now you are like a pyramid, thinking that you have no gates, no holes and no way to
    heavens. That you are like a  stone building on earth.  Running around, coming,
    going, eating, drinking and then finishing.  But the Lord of heavens says that if you
    take serious care to find a way from you to you, you will find it.  When He opens it,
    you should find your Lords way.  But if you are not opening yourself, and knowing,
    then you cannot find a way to your Lord. (Or to know Him).The gateway to your Lord
    is through yourself.  You are the door which you must open, and then find your Lord’
    s Divine Presence.

    He is with the smallest piece of mass. Even if it is smaller than an atom, yet He is with
    it.  If He is not with it, then, there is no existence for it.  Allah must be with everything
    of what He created.  Therefore you may ask from Him. He is not away from you, but
    perhaps you are far away from yourself.  This is because you you do not know
    yourself, physically or spiritually.  No-one knows his personal identity and no-one
    knows what his ego (I-ness) is, or his soul.  Yet your spiritual being is hidden from
    you.  The road is long and the work difficult, in order to reach to its hidden identity.  
    This must be done patiently, step by step.

    Allah Almighty likes for His servants to cry, shout and ask from Him, always.  He likes
    for us to be like lions.  The one with his Lord is like a lion and the one with his ego is
    like a jackal. The jackal is a dirty and harmful animal.  The Lion is the king of the
    jungle.  When he growls, everyone is in fear.  The Lion never fears.  All animals live
    in groups, but the Lion is single and doesn’t accept another in its area. Groowwl!


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