What is honour for a person, and how firmly must a person who has been honoured, try
to keep hat honour?

The one who belongs to an honourable person, is going to be honoured; therefore the
one who originally has honour, may give honour.  All praises and endless honours be
to our Lord Almighty, innahu hamidun majid  (Indeed, He is the Praised, the Glorious).  
Endless honours, endless Honour Oceans, endless Praise Oceans, absolute praises
and absolute honours are for Allah Almighty alone.  Those honours are from Him to
Himself; no one gives Him honor.  Rather everyone has been given his honours by his
Lord Almighty; if He does not give, no one can acquire any honour or be praiseworthy.  
Therefore, it is Allah Almighty who gives honour and makes His servants praiseworthy,
looking at their capacities and giving honour according to their intentions. As He looks
at their hearts, He gives them honor.  We have been honored by our Lord Almighty,
and that is an endless grant from Him to us.

That is something concerning mankind.  Now we are amidst such unknown realities as
Allah Almighty gives us.  As we said, man is yet unknown.  To the extent that we are
occupied with everything except our inner selves, it is impossible for us to discover
ourselves.  This eye is open for outward-looking, this ear is open for outward hearing;
our hands, our feet – everything that we have in our physical bodies is occupied with
everything around ourselves, completely occupied. There is one organ in our bodies
which is the most important; that is the heart.  We occupy it also with this life’s thoughts
so that we are totally occupied.  How can we be free to look at ourselves with even the
capital or centre of our bodies occupied by the enemy?

Therefore, we are trying now, first, to know and to give an understanding about
ourselves.  We must know about ourselves so that we may know about the Creator
Almighty.  If you do not go deeply into yourself, you can’t get to know about your
Creator and about His divine position.

Yes, mankind has been honored by its Lord Almighty.  When, no one knows except
One: the Creator knows when He honoured us, the Sons of Adam.  We are not such
creatures as are the beings in existence only for a short time.  It is an ignorant person
who says that the history of the Sons of Adam is a short one and that their existence is
within a brief period.  We must know, firstly, that our period is with our Lord Almighty.  
We were in our Lord’s Power Oceans with our Lord Almighty.  Only our appearance in
our physical bodies is for just a short period, but our realities are connected to the
reality of the Creator.  The one who has reality, his reality is eternal.  We have realities
or we are realities; the Sons of Adam are not just an appearance, a form, no.  Everyone
has a reality and that reality never changes.  Allah Almighty never changes, and
because all realities belong to Him, they are also never-changing.

We have been given realities from the endless Reality Oceans of our Lord Almighty;
that is the honour that we have been given.  But yet we are occupied by something that
is going to be in ruins, our physical bodies, and to pass away.  Allah Almighty says that
ghutha’ us-sai, the white of foam, goes, but the real benefit which that sea gives
remains.  Therefore, we are such bits of foam, appearing and then finishing, going
away, but that reality which we have been given – that is forever, for eternity, for post-
eternity.  From pre-eternity to post-eternity we have been given that, without asking;
without our asking, Allah Almighty gave us that as a grant.  None has been honoured
with such an honour as the Sons of Adam have been honoured.  We should be the
most satisfied and happy ones among all creatures.  But on the contrary, the most
complaining ones among all creatures are the Sons of Adam.  The Sons of Adam are
those people who do not give true value to the honour that they have been given.

Now, we know that it is the highest degree and honour for ourselves to belong to our
Lord Almighty, to be His servants, His slaves (may be “slave” is a little too strong; our
egos do not accept it although they are slaves, so we say, to be “servants” to our Lord)
– that is honour for us.  Therefore, “Nurun ‘ala nur” - light upon light.  Allah Almighty
gave us from His divine lights and honoured us, but yet He is asking to give us more
than this.  We are now in this life in order to receive a new grant from our Lord
Almighty, a light.  He is going to give us more honour than the first grant, also; He is
asking to give that to everyone.  “I gave you an honour without anyone asking from
Me.  But now I will give whoever asks from Me the second nur (light).”  Therefore, all
prophets came to give a reminder to the Sons of Adam: “O Sons of Adam, you, have
been granted an endless honour from pre-eternity, but your Lord desires to give you
more.  That one was without your asking, but now your Lord desires to give you, for the
post-eternal life, more than the first one, also.  But you must ask.”

Thus, it is a good tiding for the Sons of Adam that ultimately their nur, the light which
Allah Almighty gave them without anyone asking from Him, is never going to be
destroyed.  Rather Allah Almighty is asking the Sons of Adam to ask for more than what
He gave us,  another grant, so that it is going to be nurun ‘ala nur, light upon light.  
Whoever asks is now going to be given as much as he was given previously.  But those
who do not ask any more, forgetting everything and denying everything from pre-
eternity up to this day, will not lose the first grant of Allah Almighty which He gave to

When Allah Almighty gives something, He does not take it back.  In the Shariah, if a
person gives a gift to someone and wants to take it back, it may be done, but it is
makruh, a disliked thing.  How can Allah Almighty do disliked things?  Astaghfirullah!  
Hasha, never!  Therefore, when Allah gives, He gives forever.  He gave to us; He will
never take it back.  He gave.  And He is asking His servants to ask  for more and more,
and He is angry with them if they do not ask.  Therefore we must ask.

Therefore, during the period that we have been given in this life, Allah Almighty gives to
us according to our intentions, not according to our actions.  If we could be in this life
forever, we would intend to be His obedient servants; thus, when He tests us and sees
that our intentions are meant forever, He gives us our rewards, giving those Divine
Lights endlessly.

This is the second honor; the first we have already been given but Allah Almighty
desires to complete it.  Therefore, on the Day of Resurrection people will run and ask a
completion from their Lord: “Rabbana, atmim lana nurana” (Our Lord, perfect our light
for us) You have been given something like a candle; you are in need of a match to
light the wick.  We must try; we must try for this.

That is perfection for the Sons of Adam.  You can acquire that perfection during this
short period of our life in this world.  Therefore Allah Almighty sent all the prophets and
the Seal of the Prophets, peace be upon them all, to make everything clear to the Sons
of Adam, and now it is clear according to our capacity; we can understand how clear
those lights and those honours are going to be for us.

And we have also been honored to be of the nation of the Last Prophet Muhammad
(sal), the greatest one; we have been thus honoured.  Then, we have also been
honoured by being in connection with or belonging to one of the chains of the awliya
(saints); by that we have been honoured, also.  So we are asking our Lord Almighty to
complete that honour and to make us suitable, worthy, of that honour and to make us
keepers of that honour.

You know those people who have been given even one star, even one stripe – they are
so careful to keep that.  Why not us?  Why are we not taking more care?  We must take
more care of these honours that we have been granted; we must be so careful about
that.  And, O honoured brothers and sisters, mu’mins and mu’minahs, for every action,
we are either granted more honours or we lose those honours.  Therefore we must be
careful about every action; it may be a reason for a new honour or it may make that
honour decrease.  That is important.  The Prophet Muhammad (sal), says, “Infadh-Illah”
– you must keep to your Lord, you must keep the honour that your Lord granted to
you.  Then Allah Almighty will protect you, protecting that honour with you.

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