May Allah Almighty make us to be with his friends.  It is difficult to be a friend of Allah as
it may be too big for us, but at least we must try to be a friend to his friends.  I never
claim that I am a friend of Allah and I am ashamed to say, “Oh my Lord, make me one of
your friends” but I am asking from Lord Almighty Allah that He grants me to be with His
great friends, and to be the friend of His friends.  This is the lowest point of Iman and
below this level there is no level.  As for him who loves the friends of Allah, even if he
does not do any other good actions it should be a reason for his safety.  It is impossible
for that person to die, having a bad end (inhatima).  Yes, he is never going to have a
bad end.  That Muhabba, that love, which is through his heart, keeps him with the
friends of Allah.  Islam was built on the foundation of love from the beginning to the end.

Firstly Seyyedina Muhammad (sal), he is the beloved of Allah.  Allah loves him and
therefore his composition is mixed with Divine Love.  He became Habibullah (the most
beloved of Allah).  Almighty Allah granted to him from His Divine Love.  Seyyedina
Muhammed (sal), was taking from Almighty Allah this Muhabba, this Divine Love and
giving from this to his Sahaba (the Companions of the Prophet).  If he was not giving
this Divine Love to his Sahaba, his Sahaba would not have been able to love him.

Hazarat Omar who loved the Prophet Muhammad (sal) so much told him one day, “Ya
Rasoolullah (Oh Messenger of Allah), I love you, I love you more than my family and my
children excepting for the love that I have for myself.”  Then the Prophet (sal) said to
him, “Ya, Omar, till you love me more than your own being, you will not be able to reach
to kamal ul iman (Perfect Iman).  The Prophet (sal) by saying this, made Seyyadina
Omar to improve from the level that he was in, into what the Prophet (sal) was asking of
him.  This is a miraculous power of Rasoolullah (sal) Mujizah).  From that very instant,
in that very moment, he made Seyyadina Omar to say that he loved him more than his
own being.  Rasoolullah quietly took him to that point.  All the Sahaba loved Rasoolullah
(sal) from their souls.  Don’t think that the above was only for Seyyadina Omar, no, it is
open for the whole Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (sal) and for all the nations.  
Yes, any one may be able to love the Prophet Muhammad (sal) even more than his own

The Sahabas were full of love for the Prophet Muhammad (sal).  They were full of this
Divine love.  Muhabbah.  It was with this feeling of being fully in love with Rasoolullah
(sal), that they traversed through the East and West giving the Prophet’s message to
all people.  They did not know their languages when they preached through all nations.  
When they were preaching, people gathered around the Sahaba and listened to them
even though they did not speak their language, but the love centre in their hearts were
speaking to them.  May be they recited only the Holy Quran but that love through their
reciting reached to the hearts of the people.  It was because of this that it was possible
for Islam to spread from East to West even in such a short period of time of a quarter
century, twenty five years.  That is a miracle.  If the Europeans had the intelligence to
think on this point they would have submitted to Islam.  They would have said “Ashadu
An La Ilaha Illallah Wa Ashadu Anna Muhammad  ur Rasoolullah”(I bear witness that
there is no God but Allah and I further bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger
of Allah).

Such a revolution had never happened on the face of this earth so that in such a short
time a new religion became established through the East and West throughout powerful
nations.  Rasoolullah (sal) changed nations and this was a big miracle, but today these
fanatical unbelievers and fanatical enemies of reality (mutassim) never think on this
point.  How is it possible that one illiterate person, through an unknown desert, and who
came from an unknown people, was able to get up and say “la ilaha illahllah” and also
to say “I shall be victorious, I have come to destroy falsehood (batil)” and he destroyed
it, and was also victorious.  But the Europeans are not able to think on this point as
they want haqq (truth) to come from themselves not through Islam.

Yes we were saying that Muhabbat – love made Islam enter into the hearts of all these
nations.  The Sahaba went all over the world from the far East to the far West.  Perhaps
to more than seventy nations and preached to people who spoke more than one
hundred languages.  The Sahaba only knew to speak Arabic.  How did they address
them.  How did they make Da’wah (preach), and Islam go into their hearts?  You speak,
only with the tongue and not from the heart and therefore no one listens to you.  But
your hearts must say “minal kalbi minal dalwish a lilaa”.  We are trying to bring that
method back to the Umma today through the tariqats.  We want to bring love back to
the Ummah, (nation of the Prophet) because without love you won’t be able to make
them into one people, in the land.

If you are unable to give Muhabba – love to the hearts, you won’t be able to connect up
one world with another.  Our aim is to make the Ummah to love each other.  It is
impossible for the Ummah to love each other without meeting on the love of Allah.  Only
the one who meets on the same lines can be together.  There shall be no jealousy, no
hatred and no enmity among themselves.  When a person meets another through the
Divine Love Oceans how can there be jealousy, hatred, enmity and envy.  It is
impossible.  Yes, it is impossible.

I am foreigner to this country and yesterday I met some people and they were all new
ones to me.  They were all fighting to get to me, pushing this way and that, kissing my
hand and trying to get something from me.  How is this love coming through them for
me.  I have never seen them before.  They meet me only once and they are trying to
attack me with their love.  From where is this love coming?  It is coming from the secret
power of Iman, from a secret line of the Prophet (sal), and it is coming from heart to
hearts.  Only hearts will understand what I say.  Yes that is important.  We are asking
that this love would be common through the whole Muslim community.  They must be in

The leaders of the Quraish came up to the uncle of the Prophet (sal) and said to him,
“Tell your nephew that we will give him anything that he may ask for.  We will give him
what he wants from our properties and from our daughters.  Yes we will make him to be
even our king.  The only condition is that he should stop his preaching”.  The uncle of
the Prophet conveyed this to him and the Prophet replied, “Even if they give to me the
sun in my one hand and the moon in the other I shall not stop my preaching, and I am
not asking anything from them in return, for my preaching”.

That was the foundation of Islam and the Prophet (sal) trained his Sahaba in this
fashion.  They only say “illahi antha maksoodi” (Oh our Lord, Allah we are asking only
for Your pleasure so that You may be pleased with us, that is our aim, nothing else).  In
Da’wah we are not asking for anything from you, neither for us or for the people of our
country.  My aim is to make that Divine Love that is in my heart to be able to reach to
the hearts of believers.  Do you think that this love contained in our hearts is not
enough for all nations?  Don’t be in doubt. Even if one heart reaches to Divine Love,
the love from that heart is enough to reach to the hearts of the people of all nations.

Have you heard about the well of Zam Zam.  Even if all nations were to use its water it
would not empty.  It is impossible. Likewise hearts, that is more important.  The Divine
Love that runs through our hearts is enough and more for the hearts of the people of
all the nations.  If Allah is willing (Insha Allah) we hope that this is a grant from Allah
Almighty to me, and to you, and we hope that we can make Divine Love to reach to the
whole of mankind and through this to make them alive, never to die and to have
everlasting life.
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and the

Oh Allah Almighty, give me your love,
and the love of those whom you love and the
good actions that will lead me to your love.

Prayer of the Prophet Muhammad (sal)
Sheikh Nazim