If a Murid wants to represent his Sheikh, he must make his own personality to vanish,
into the personality of the Sheikh.  If there is something left of him, he is not
representing his Sheikh, it is finished. The person who claims an existence, with the
existence of his Sheikh, cannot represent the Sheikh, and the Sheikh cannot represent
him.  This is impossible. Also, if someone says that he is representing the Holy Prophet
Muhammad (sal), it is not possible unless he has vanished into the personality of the
Prophet Muhammad (sal).

There is one Muhammad.  I am Muhammad, you are Muhammad.  It becomes one.  If
you are Muhammad it means that your own personality has became absent.  You make
your own personality to disappear, so that Muhammad  (sal), appears. Rasoolullah (sal)
is the appearance of truth and if he had not have made his own personality to
disappear, Allah would not have appeared in him. He is Al-Awalu, Al-Akhiru, Al-Zahiru,
Al-Batinu - The First, The Last, The Manifest, The Hidden.

He is the Manifest One and then through whom is He manifested?(or with who).  Is it
through the sun or through the stars?  Is it through the world (dunya)?  Is it through the
animals or the Angels or the Jinn? With, or through whom, is He manifested?  He is
manifested through Muhammad (sal), and the Prophet Muhammad (sal) became
nothing, and Allah Almighty appeared in him.  He made himself to vanish, so that
nothing was left of himself.  Then Allah Almighty appeared in Rasoolullah (sal).

If there was no mirror to reflect your image, you can not appear.  For example, if you
are in a house, and there is no mirror, without it, your image cannot appear. All
universes, from the lowest to the highest, do not appear without the mirror of
Rasoolullah (sal).  When the Prophet Muhammad (sal) reached to Sidrat-ul-Muntaha (
the furthest lote-tree - boundary of the seventh heaven), there came a call to the Holy
Prophet Muhammad (sal) saying, “Come, enter O Muhammad (sal).” The Prophet
Muhammad (sal) then called to Gibril (alai), “Come with me,” and Gibril said, “O
Muhammad, if I were to cross the border, even by the breath of one hair, I would burn
from the lights.”

Then came the question, “Who are you?” The answer was, “You, O my Lord.”  That’s
it..  Two no longer remained.  There remained only one.  There was only Allah left and
Muhammad became the mirror for the appearance of all creation, from the smallest
entity to the biggest. In reality, the Miraj (journey), happened in eternity (The Quran is
saying).  It did not take place within a temporary space, but still it appeared, in the
lifetime of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sal).  It happened before the creation of time
and space, and all the worlds are existing through this mirror.  If this mirror was to be
covered by something, then everything would be finished.

Becoming one with the creation has its levels.  The last level is that there will be no
personal identity left, and you will become a mirror, and an inheritor of the Holy Prophet
Muahammad (sal). Such a person is then a true guide.  Anyone other than a true guide
is only cheating people when he says, “look at the wall,” and there is no mirror, only the
wall and  he is a liar!

We are asking Allah Almighty to grant us to be closer to blessed people, so that they
may be through ourselves. Blessings from Allah are according to your closeness to a
Wali (Saint).  If your heart is occupied with him for twenty-four hours, then there will be
twenty-four hours of blessings on you.  If it is for half the day, there will be blessings on
you, for half the day and for the other half of  the day, it will be cut off.

We must ask from the Awliya   for a station of power.  Look with wisdom.  If you do not
take care, Shaitan and his friends will quickly carry you to a worse position. Therefore
be for Allah’s friends and not for your ego.  With their blessings you may reach to the
Lord of Heavens, and to His favours, which are  meant for His servants.
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is manifested

Sheikh Nazim
Muhammad became nothing and Allah appeared through him