(Sheikh Nazim visited a mosque in Gintota, Galle, Sri Lanka where the saint referred
    to is buried. This speech was given by Sheikh Nazim within the mosque premises
    close to the  Burial Chamber of this Saint)

    Auzu billahi mina shaitan i rajeem. Bismillahi rahman ir raheem – La hawla wala
    quwatha illa billah il aliyil aleem – Bismilla Seyedi ya waliallah – I am asking
    permission from this Saint who is buried here to let me speak on tariqat. I am
    receiving what I am now saying from the Sahib of this Maqam. I am the guest of this
    saint and he is my host and we are today in his holy presence. What he is saying to
    me I am now passing on to you. Although it is not for me to speak by my self in the
    presence of such a host, he is requesting me to speak. He says that as he is my host
    and I am his guest that I must speak. In this way he is giving a spiritual connection to
    Now I am going to explain to all of you and this explanation will not be in my words but
    his words. He wants me to speak about what is shariat and what are tariqats. Firstly
    we must know that all prophets are called us to Allah Almighty’s Divine Presence.
    They are teaching us and thus they are always our teachers. Allah Almighty ordered
    his beloved Prophet Muhammed (Sal) saying “Oh My beloved Prophet stand up and
    call people towards me.” Allah Almighty is inviting His servants to His Divine Presence.
    We are now asking “How are we to come to you, My Lord?”

    When you are about to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca the first thing that your find out is
    as to where Mecca is, and then how to get there. Then you think about the things that
    you should take with you when you are going on such a long journey. You then
    prepare yourself with your passport and your food items and luggage. Then you take
    a car to Colombo and from there you board on to a plane, and then fly to Hijaz (Saudi
    Arabia). In the same manner, when you are on your journey to Almighty Allah you
    need the shariat, which is your food and luggage that you need to take along with
    you to the Divine Presence. Tariqat is the journeys passage (the way). All tariqats are
    ways that take people to the Divine Presence.

    There are forty-one tariqats which are like a wide road (Autobahn) or highway as is to
    be found in Europe. Many modes of travel take place on this type of highway. For
    example, pedestrians, lorries, mini buses, cars and speed cars, all travel on this
    highway. All of them are heading in the same direction. In the same way all the
    tariqats are also reaching towards this same destination-their destination is the Divine
    Presence. If one does not get up he cannot walk. Even if one walks that is a way, a

    As I said before there are at present forty one tariqats. Out of these forty-one
    tariqats, forty of them are using the spiritual power of “La ilaha illallah” to move
    towards Allah. The Naqshabandi Tariqat uses the Zikr, “Allah”, “Allah”, “Allah”, as
    their main zikr to reach to this destination. If the other tariqats are using the speed of
    jet planes, the Naqshabandi Tariqat is going at the speed of a rocket. This is
    because when a servant says “La ilaha illallah” his nafs (ego) catches hold of him
    and he is not able to move forward with full power.This is because when he says “La
    ilaha illallah” (there is no God but Allah), his nafs prompts him to say La ilaha illa ana,
    (there is no God but me). Therefore their program slows down and like planes they
    can reach only to a limit. Rockets cut through gravity and get out. As mentioned
    earlier because the Naqshabandi Tariqat uses as their main Zikr “Allah” there is no
    more nafs with them and they destroy their ego and kill it.

    Planes might come down, but rockets never. Perhaps they may move on from the
    atmosphere of this earth and move on eternally. This is the way of the Naqshabandi
    Tariqat. Planes move from one continent to another but rockets move from the earth
    to the highest skies and beyond. Those who are asking to reach only to the sky
    (sama) may use one of the forty tariqats, and as for those who are asking to reach to
    the highest limit (Sidurathul Muntaha) they must use the way of the Naqshabandi

    This information which I give you is only a drop from an ocean. When you come to me
    with a thimble and ask me to put the ocean in it, how can I do that as the listeners
    cannot take in more than their capacity? It is always impossible. Yes, it is not possible
    to talk about these things for more than half an hour. But this is enough.

                                                            The End


Sheikh Nazim