There are people who are doing ‘Rabita’ or meditating on the khaliphas or
    representatives of Mouana Sheikh Nazim.  They think that, as they have
    entered into the Naqshbandi Tariqat through a particular khalipha, and took
    bayyath through him, that they should follow this particular khalipha instead
    of following Moulana Sheikh Nazim.  If you ask them, “Who is your sheikh?”
    They will answer with the name of the khalipha.  These people are ignorant
    of the fact that there is only one Sheikh in the Naqshbandi Tariqat.  They  
    gave bayyath to Moulana Sheikh Nazim through that khalipha.  If anyone
    does bayyath through a khalipa, he is doing bayyath only to Moulana Sheikh
    Nazim.  Bayyath with Moulana Sheikh Nazim means taking the Oath of
    Allegiance to follow and take as his Sheikh, Moulana Sheikh Nazim.  They
    cannot and should not follow anyone other than Moulana Sheikh Nazim.  If
    they follow the khalipha, instead of following Moulana Sheikh Nazim, they
    will not receive any power, nor will they be rightly guided.  

    Sheikh Adnan Kabbani and Sheikh Hisham Kabbani are the most senior and
    most experienced khaliphas of Moulana Sheikh Nazim and are now
    representing Moulana Sheikh Nazim. They were also students of the Great
    Sultan ul Awliya, Grandsheikh Moulana Abdullah Faiz Dagistani (ral). They
    are not the Sheikhs of the Naqshbandi Tariqat (in the sense that they should
    be followed), they are only connecting up people with Moulana Sheikh
    Nazim, when they give bayyath, and as such they should not be followed.  
    Rabitha or meditation should be done only on Moulana Sheikh Nazim.  Both
    Sheikh Hisham and Sheikh Adnan have clarified this issue over and over

    Still, there are some ignorant murids, who are meditating ( doing rabitha )on
    these khaliphas. This is also going against the teachings of the very
    khaliphas that they are meditating on and following. This misconception has
    lead to a lot of trouble, and people have become forgetful that they are the
    followers of Moulana Sheikh Nazim.  We even see Murids taking sides and
    saying that they belong to this khalipha or the other.  All this is wrong.  All
    Naqshbandi murids in the Naqshbandi Haqqani Tariqat are today the
    followers of Moulana Sheikh Nazim only and they should do rabitha or
    connect up with Moulana Sheikh Nazim only.  

    There are other khalipas, other than Sheikh Hisham or Sheikh Adnan who
    are also representing Moulana Sheikh Nazim and giving bayyath to people.  
    We are sure that they too like Sheikh Adnan and Sheikh Hisham are
    instructing those who took bayyath from them to follow only Moulana Sheikh
    Nazim and not to follow them.  It has become a practice among certain
    followers of Moulana Sheikh Nazim, who say that they are the followers of a
    particular khalipha and they even take sides against the other khaliphas of
    Moulana Sheikh Nazim. They think that Moulana Sheikh Nazim is inactive and
    defunct. This is so far away from reality as Moulana Sheikh Nazim is always
    in full command and control of all his Murids. It is he who is guiding
    everyone of his Murids and not the Khalifas.

    Some Murids are even fighting with each other on behalf of the khalipha
    that they support.  They should stop this at once because there is only one
    Sheikh in the Naqshbandi Haqqani Tariqat and that Sheikh is Moulana
    Sheikh Nazim.  All are followers of Moulana Sheikh Nazim and the khaliphas
    are only those who help them to connect up with Moulana Sheikh Nazim.  
    Even if the khaliphas are preaching, they only preach what Moulana Sheikh
    Nazim preaches.  They cannot and will not ever contradict Moulana Sheikh
    Nazim, as they too are dependent on Moulana Sheikh Nazim for their
    spiritual progress.

    We give below extracts from a speech by Sheikh Hisham Kabbani on this
    very important subject.  This speech was given in Sri Lanka on Saturday the
    22nd day of November 2008 at Colombo after Maghreb prayers.

    “I am not pretending to be a shaykh, first of all. I am not asking anyone to
    call me a shaykh and I am the worst between you, those who are present
    here. I am not claiming khalifa or deputy or anything. I am like you, I like to
    be a sheep, not to be a shepherd. Sheep never going to be asked anything.
    Shepherd is going to be asked everything. Those who like to be shepherds,
    let them be.”

    “As the association now they all have to be raised to the level of Mawlana
    Shaykh Sharafuddin and Grandshaykh and Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, because
    they have that secret. Not because of us, no we don’t have anything. But
    because we have been authorized on their behalf, so this majlis, this
    association is their association. This association is Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s
    association. He is the one that is responsible. We have no rights to say “We
    are the shaykh; I am your shaykh.” No right. If we say “I am your shaykh” or
    anyone says, “I am your shaykh.” Or anyone thinks that he took baya`…”
    “Many people they come and say “I took baya` from you.” No, no, not that is
    incorrect. If you think you took baya` from me you lost. We always have to
    tell them always, the baya`, we are only like a bridge, we are only like a car
    that takes you to your destiny, your  goal, and leave you there. We are only a
    vehicle to take you to the presence of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. That is it.
    When you take baya`, your baya` is with him. Don’t ever say, "I took baya` to
    `Ali and `Ali is my shaykh.” Many people are falling into this problem. That is
    why sickness is spreading everywhere among Naqshbandis and
    representatives of Mawlana Shaykh. Because after a while they consider
    they are the shaykh. They don’t listen to anyone except if their "shaykh" is
    present. They don’t move except by permission of their so-called shaykh.
    That is a big problem.”

    “So we are thanking Allah that he made us with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim  .
    Your shaykh is Mawlana Shaykh Nazim  . Your baya` has to be to Shaykh
    Nazim  ; your love has to be to Shaykh Nazim  ; if you focus on someone else
    you are reducing your love. That is a big problem. There is no time now to
    explain it now, but when Shaykh Sharafuddin was explaining to Grandshaykh
    the power of Shah Naqshband  , Grandshaykh, some of his love went to
    Shah Naqshband  . And he was told by Shaykh Sharafuddin  , “don’t do that.”
    And Shah Naqshband  appeared to him at that time, and taught him how to
    have love to his Shaykh. And you can check it on we have over
    one thousand three hundred lectures there. So all of them live. I cannot
    give everything in one session. But check there. May Allah keep us all
    together under the banner of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim  .”

    We also would like to give another powerful lecture made by Sheikh Hisham
    Kabbani on this same topic in Fenton, in the United States on the 2nd day of
    December 2008.  We are giving this lecture verbatim below:-

    “In front of Allah Subhanahu wa taala and Prophet Seyyadina Muhammad
    (Sal) and Grandsheikh Sheikh Abdullah Faiz Dagistani (ral_) and Moulana
    Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani, I am saying to you, to those who are hearing and to
    those who want to hear and to those who does not want to hear, that I am
    not someone that to make bayyath on me or to make meditation on me.  The
    meditation is for Moulana Shiekh Nazim.  The Bayyath is for Moulana Sheikh
    Nazim.  If anyone does something other than that he is responsible and I am
    not responsible.  I am clearing myself in front of Allah Subhana wa Taala, in
    front of Prophet (Sal) and in front of Moulana Sheikh Nazim.  This is a very
    important point and I want everyone to understand it and to know it.  I don’t
    want Moulana Sheikh to come up to me one day and say, “You are telling
    people to make bayyath to you!”  Because I heard this from Moulana Sheikh
    one time.  I not want to hear that. I don’t like anyone especially those who
    tells people put my picture and telling people to make meditation to that.  I
    am not that one.  Moulana Sheikh Nazim is that one.  Grandsheikh Abdullah
    Faiz Dagistani is that one.  But you have no right to do to grandsheikh.  Your
    meditation is to Moulana Sheikh Nazim.  Moulana Sheikh Nazim will do
    meditation on Grandsheikh (ral). You do with Moulana Sheikh Nazim.  Be
    careful on this point.  It is a very very very delicate point.  Any mistake in
    that will throw this person outside the Tariqat.  You don’t want to fall into
    this and I don’t want to fall into that.  Our love and respect can be to
    everyone, with each other is ok.  Love to each other is important but
    bayyath and meditation is with Moulana Sheikh Nazim.  Sheikh Ismail in
    Damascus was very very hard to be sure that no one will make that mistake
    and Seyyadina Khalid Bagdadi was very happy with him.  This is a very
    important point.  Please make sure that you heard it.  I see many people
    when you ask them who is your sheikh, they say that their sheikh is ‘X’.  
    What is their sheikh is ‘X’?  It must be Moulana Sheikh Nazim.  They say, “Oh
    he took bayath with ‘X’ sheikh.”  What is bayyath with ‘X’ sheikh?  He is
    nothing.  He is only a vehicle.  Moulana can change any vehicle he wants.  
    Its like a car.  When its old we throw it and will bring a new car.  All these
    khaliphas are old now, throw them and bringing new one.  Bring new healthy
    one, no need for old engine.  Bring new one........  Don’t let your body
    vibrate except with the love of your Sheikh or the love of the Prophet (sal)
    or the love of Allah Subhana tala.  These representative or these khaliphas
    think that we are questioning them about their kilafa, make sure that we are
    not questioning them about their representation but we are only saying to
    be sure not to call people to think that you are their Sheikh because I am
    seeing and I am seeing that this problem everywhere because they say that,
    “My Sheikh is ‘X’.  Like for a example let us say  that there is a sheikh called
    Hassan or Hussain or Ahmed or Zaid or whatever name, lets say Zaid
    because Moulana does not have a representative called Zaid, or they will
    think that I am speaking about some……. This Sheikh Zaid, people come and
    say we took bayyath with Sheikh Zaid.  What is this?  You have to say that
    you took bayyath with Sheikh Nazim because that Sheikh Zaid is nothing
    except a vehicle.  A vehicle to Allah Subhana wa tala the Prophet (sal) and
    the Awliya ullah.  May Allah Subhana huwa tala guide us to this truth so that
    we will be able to see what is correct and what is wrong.  That is why he
    kept me and to say that this is very important.  So don’t say on judgment day
    that I did not say this.  I said this.  Don’t say in front of Moulana Sheikh Nazim
    that I did not say this.  I said it.  You are responsible and if you are doing
    other than that it is your problem.  Assalamu Alaikum.”

    We are giving the link to this video lecture at below :-

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