Allah Almighty is ordering His servants to follow the steps of His friends, and to be
    with them.  Therefore we should be like neighbours to blessed people with our
    physical body.  Then we may be closer through our hearts.

    If a pipe does not connect to a tap there will be no water from the tap..  Spring water
    may reach to you through pipes.  You must have pipes so that the tap can give
    water.  Likewise all the Prophets, and Seyyidina Mohammed (sal) are carrying
    heavenly streams and mercy to our hearts.  Therefore we must always keep
    connection to their Holy and pure hearts, in order to recieve wisdom from heavens.  
    You may up reach to them and drink from their grand mercy streams.

    Without the saints ( Awliya ), it is not possible to reach to this. You simply cannot
    reach to it.  Allah Almighty made the Awliya to be His mercy springs.  The one who
    reaches to them is going to be alive and to be a real living person.  Those who is
    reach to Awliya, will reach to ever lasting life.  How can we reach to Allah?  This is so
    difficult.  But to reach to His representative, is to be with Allah.

    If a person does not reach to the Awliya, it is difficult to reach to blessings.  There
    are common blessings which reach everyone, to even unbelievers, if not they
    wouldn’t exist.  But if you want to get much closer, you need another kind of
    blessing.  The person who is heedless looses his expensive life and wastes his
    precious time.  As for an authorized person, it is not important for him outwardly, but
    in reality, he is always with his Sheikh.  He has a kind of telephone to his Sheikh, to
    see what news he may benefit from.  This has nothing to do with our own will, but it
    is the will of the Sheikh, who is taking from the presence of the Holy Prophet
    Muhammad (sal).  The Sheikh is always with the presence of the Prophet
    Muhammad (sal) whose reality is always with Allah (without there being any direction
    or place for this).

    The servant who is asking to reach to the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty, of the
    Prophet Muhammad (sal) and of the Sheikh, must always keep his observation
    (Muraqaba - means attentive observation, or watchfulness ), on the Sheikh. You
    should always observe your sheikh, as he is always looking after you.  He never
    leaves you.  To observe means to know, that the sheikh is always with you, and that
    he is always watching you.  The Murid is never alone.

    Say, “Ya Allah,” “Don’t leave me alone with my ego.”  When the Murid is not with his
    Sheikh, he will be with his ego, and with shaitan,  and the ego has millions of tricks
    to play on you. When the Murid keeps observation of the Sheikh (for one minute, a
    while, or as much as he can do), the sheikh will be with him, and in every situation,
    he will support him.  The observation brings the support (Medad).  If you are cutting
    off, then the Sheikh’s support cuts off.

    He supports the one who is walking on the way to Allah (as a car fills up its tank at a
    petrol station, before moving on).  A real authorized person, has such a station to
    make you to reach to Allah Almighty. He is also taking from the presence of his
    Sheikh, who is taking from the presence of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sal), who
    receives from the presence of Allah Almighty. If you cut this connection off, you will
    be left alone, and be like a tape recorder with finished batteries.  Instead if you have
    support through a cable, it will never cut off, or become less.  Always it will continue
    and go on.

    For how long do you want to stay with your ego? To observe the Sheikh is one of
    the most important things, so that you can always be with the Sheikh, and so that
    you may be able reach to the presence of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sal).  Then
    you will be able to observe the Prophet Muhammad (sal), and you may see that the
    eye of the Prophet Muhammad (sal) is looking at you, and that you come to know
    the meaning of the Quranic verse, which says that the Holy Prophet (sal) is among
    you.  He is not absent.  If there is no observation (Muraqaba), you will never see or
    feel anything.

    Muraqaba makes the servant to hear things from the Sheikh, and he will see and
    watch events and things also. Then you may see the Reality of the Sheikh, whose
    power is surrounding the whole world (if he is a true one!).  There are no borders.  
    No.  Not if the responsibility has been given to him, officially, by the Holy Prophet
    (sal).  His power is always present, in every place, on the land and in the Oceans.  
    Wherever you go he is present.  

    When you have a good connection, at first you will hear, (like a kind of Divine
    telephone to the Sheikh) and he will show you the way by what he tells you.  After
    this, when the Murid becomes higher in his Maqam (station), he will begin to see
    also the Sheikh who is directing him with words.  This is the highest level (from the
    Muraqaba of the Murid), until he climbs up to the observation of the Holy Prophet
    Muhammad (sal), whom he will first hear, until he gets higher and then, he will see
    the Prophet Muhammad (sal).

    Of this state the greatest of the Holy ones used to say, “If we are not looking at the
    Holy Prophet Muhammad (sal) even for the blink of an eye, and if he is cut off from
    being directly in front of us, we would not count ourselves as being Muslims
    anymore.”  This is because if a man is with his ego he is not a believer (no Iman).  
    Until he is with Allah Almighty, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sal) and the other
    Prophets, he will be cut off, and there will be nothing else to serve accept his ego.
    He would have made himself to be a servant of his ego until they will say of him. “Did
    you see the one who made his own ego to the his God “ (Al Quran). This person will
    no longer separate between what is allowed or forbidden.  He will say, “I am free,
    and that which I want to do, I will do.”

    Therefore, the observation of the Sheikh, by the Murid, is the most important thing,
    for his improvement on the way and if not, his diesel or petrol will finish, and he will
    stand on the way without moving.  When he insists that he doesn’t want to think
    about his Sheikh, he will be left there.

    These are some sensitive points which Shaitan and his supporters have interfered
    with, to cheat the ones who are on the way.  They say that it is making partners with
    Allah (shirk) when one observes the Sheikh.  It cannot be and is not shirk or unbelief
    (kufar).  It is only that these people  have no understanding about how to obtain a
    ‘true state’.  Muraqaba is for one on the way, and it is to be done always, until he
    reaches to the Divine Presence.  Then he will be from one of those who have
    reached, and there will be nothing left in him of the worries of the world or of the
    hereafter.  He will be in permanency.

    This is a very precise and heavy lecture, and no one else in this time from the
    authorized people may speak about this, except our Grandsheik’s representative.
    Tariqat is to have adab ( good manners), and is for guiding people to the highest
    level of adab.  Becoming a true Murid, means being an accepted one, in the
    Prophet Muhammad’s (sal) presence, and in the Divine Presence. “O Allah, give
    Your most Beloved servant more Majesty and Honour.” Who does not making zikr
    has no lights, and the person who has no lights is blind. So the veils cannot be
    taken away.

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Sheikh Nazim