(1) Shahadah : 3 times.

(2) Astaghfirullah : 25 times.

(3) Fatihatu'l-Kitab : one time, with the intention
participating in the Tajallis sent down in Makkah.

(4) Ikhlas Sharif , 11 times.

(5) The two Surahs of seeking refuge:

Qul a-udhu bi-Rabbi'1-Falaq. (Surah Number 113)

Qul a-udhu bi-Rabbi-n-Nas. (Last Surah of Qur'an)

(6) La ilaha Ulallah = 10 times, the last time cormpletmg it with: Muhammadur Rasulullah

(7) Allahumma Salli ala Muhammadiw wa 'ala Ali Muhanunediw wa Sallim, 10 times
Ila Sharafrn-Nabiyyi sallallahu •alalhi wa sallam wa Alihi wa Sahbihi. wa ila arwahi Ikhwanthi
minal Ambiya wal mursalin, wa kuda mahim sharhahim, wa ila arwahil aimmatil arba, wa arwahi
Mashaikhina fi't-Tariqaun-Naqshbandiyyatil- aliya qasasatan, ila ruhi Imamit-Tariqati wa Ghawthil
Khalika Khawajaha Baha'udin Naqshbandi il Muhammadi1Uwaisiyi'l-Bukhari, wa ila Ustadhina wa
Ustadhi Ustadhina …al-Fatihah.

This time Fatihah should be recited with the intention of participating in the Tajallis sent down
with it the second time it was revealed, in aI-Madinah.

One should get up at night if one is able. And the way to gauge one's ability in this matter is to
imagine whether you would refuse two golden liras to get up at night because of the strength of
your tiredness; only when one is in such a state does one have a valid excuse for not getting up.
And if one is brisk, then one should get up one half hour before.

(1) Two Rak'ats for Wudu'.

(2) 100 times : Ya Halim

(3) SaIatu'n-Najat : if possible with the Sajdah.

(4) Salatu't-Tahaj)'ud : if possible.

(5) The Morning Prayer.

(6) Salatu't-Tasabih : once on Friday.

If sleep overtakes him then he may pray the prayer of Ishraq when he awakes. And then praying
two to four Rak'ats for Duha.

And if one is able to keep the Sunnahs, then he will obtain the blessings-of the Hadith saying: "He
who revives my Sunnah when my Ummah has fallen into depravity will have the reward of one
hundred martyrs."


(1) Dhikr of the Glorious Name: with the tongue: Allah Allah : 2500 times.

(2) Dhikr of the Glorious Name: in the heart: Allah Allah; 2500 times.

(3) Allahumma salli *ala Muhammadiw wa *ala Ali Muhammadiw wa sallim: 300 times. But on
Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays: 500 times.

Our Master Shah Naqshband is the keeper of the spiritual Nur (Light) which Allah (Who is
powerful and Sublime) has placed in it. And on the Day of Resurection. he will, by means of this
light, gaze around at the people standing there, until four gardens are filled with the Ummah of
Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be on him!) and he will be an intercessor for them. So he who
keeps this second Adab and the Awrad will enter the Circle of this Nur.


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