This is a holy meeting (association) and this means that Allah Almighty and His
    Beloved Prophet Seyyedina Muhammad (Sal) are happy with this gathering. One kind
    of meeting makes Allah and His Prophet (Sal) pleased and happy. There is another
    kind of meeting which makes Allah and his messenger angry and displeased. This
    Meeting is one that makes Allah Almighty and His Rasool pleased because we are
    meeting here today to respect and gather for the sake of the love of Allah Almighty
    and His Rasool.

    When you entered this masjid (mosque) you took ablution (wulu) and cleaned
    yourselves as this is the house of Allah and because you know that when a person
    comes to the mosque he comes to visit some one in the level of the heavens.
    Whoever gives respect will receive respect and you are coming here for the sake of
    the love of Allah Almighty and His beloved Prophet (Sal) and you are asking for the
    increase of your love towards them. Therefore everyone who comes into a masjid
    must ask from His Lord Almighty Allah to increase his love for Allah Almighty and his
    Beloved Prophet (Sal), because the masjid is the place in which you can find the love
    of Allah Almighty.

    Yes, it is not possible to find the love of Allah Almighty in the market place. The love
    market of Allah Almighty’s love is the masjid. Therefore whoever comes to the mosque
    must ask for the love of Allah Almighty to be given to him. Almighty Allah is happy
    when His servants who come in to a masjid ask for more love. “Man – ahabba –
    shaiyan – aksara – zikrahu”.

    Prophet Rasoolullah (Sal) says that when a person loves someone and repeats his
    name remembering him and respecting him and particularly when this repetition is
    done in increasing quantities, then this is the sign and connection of the love of that
    person to the other (the one whose name is repeated) so that this love may increase.
    Therefore when a servant is asking for more love from Allah Almighty he should make
    more Zikr (repetitive remembrance) of the Holy Names of Allah Almighty and the more
    Zikr that he does, Allah Almighty grants him more love through that Zikr.

    All the Prophets came to this world to teach people how they should make Zikr for the
    Lord Almighty Allah. The Seal of Prophets, also came to teach people how they
    should respect and love their Lord by remembering His Holy Names by this method of
    making Zikr.

    The Sahaba - i – kiram (Companions of the Prophet) also followed this method of Zikr
    and became beloved ones in the Divine Presence. They also taught these methods of
    Zikr to the Muslims who came after them. These methods of Zikr have now reached to
    us and we in Tariqats are following this way.

    We of the Naqshabandiya Tariqa are following the way of Siddiq ul Akbar Seyyedina
    Abu Bakr Siddique (Ral) (the greatest lover of the Prophet Muhammad ( Habibullah),
    Abu Bakr Siddique (Ral) was taught this method of Zikr directly by the Prophet. Abu
    Bakr Siddique (Ral) taught this method to Salman al Faris and gave hijaza
    (permission) to Salman. Thereafter Salman… this point Moulana Sheik Nazim
    repeats the following names of the Grandsheiks who constitute the Golden Chain of
    the Most Distinguished Naqshabandiya Tariqa. This Transmission is as follows:-

    1. The Prophet Muhammad (Sal)
    2. Abu Bakr Siddiqu (Ral) and he gave it to
    3. Salman al Faris ,,
    4. Qasim ,,
    5. Jafar as – Sadiq ,,
    6. Typhfoor – Al Bayazid al Bistami ,,
    7. Abdul Hassan al – Kharqani ,,
    8. Abu Ali ,,
    9. Yusuf al – Hamadani ,,
    10. Abdul – Abbas (Khidr alaihisalaam) ,,
    11. Abdul Khaliq al Ghujudwani ,,
    12. Sheik Righwari ,,
    13. Sheik Mahmud Injeel Faghnawi ,,
    14. Sheik Ali ,,
    15. Muhammed Baba Sammasi ,,
    16. Seyyid Amir Kullali ,,
    17. Shah Muhammed Naqshabandi Imam ul Tariqa ,,
    18. Alauddin Muhammad al Attar ,,
    19. Yaqub al Charkhy ,,
    20. Ahrari ,,
    21. Muhammad az Zahid ,,
    22. Dervish Muhummad al Bukhari ,,
    23. Khajaha Emkeneki ,,
    24. Muhammad al – Baqi ,,
    25. Ahmad Faruq as Sirhindi ,,
    26. Muhammad Ma’sum ,,
    27. Seyfuddin ,,
    28. Nur Muhammad ,,
    29. Habibullah ,,
    30. Abdullah ad Dehlawi ,,
    31. Khalid al Baghdadi ,,
    32. Sheik Ismail an Narani ,,
    33. Sheik Khas Muhammad ,,
    34. Muhammed Yaraghi ,,
    35. Sheik Jamaluddin al Ghumuqi ,,
    36. Abu Ahmed as Sughuri ,,
    37. Abu Muhammad Madani ,,
    38. Seyyid Sharafuddin ad Daghistani ,,
    39. Sultan ul Awliya Abdullah ad- Daghistani
    40. and he ordered it to me (Sheik Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani) to reach to you
    and this is the way and method of our Zikr from Prophet Muhammad (Sal) up to you.
The Silsila of Love

The Golden chain of Transmission of The
Most Distinguished Naqshabandhi Sufi Order
Sheikh Nazim
Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem