Sheikh Nazim




“Oh you company of Jinn and Men,
if you have the power to penetrate (all) the
regions of the heavens and earth, then penetrate
(them)! You will never penetrate them except
with (Our) permission.”

Which then of the favours of your Lord
will you deny"

Sura Ar Rahman: 55:33-34
    The Prophet Muhammad (sal) said that " NOTHING IS BETTER THAN ONE'S PERSONAL
    EXPERIENCES." Some of the Spiritual Openings of Moulana Sheikh Nazim's Mureeds or
    followers are given below:-

    Many of Moulana Sheik Nazim’s Mureeds have experienced the seeing of lights of different
    shapes and colours. It is quite common among these Mureeds to see pin points of different
    coloured lights at various times of the day and night. These lights appear in flashes and
    disappear. Some also see waves of gold or silver light appearing in front of them. These lights
    darkness these mureeds are able to see all around them.

    Some have also experienced seeing a big golden or silvery light close to their foreheads or at
    the positions where their hearts are. Some Mureeds also see big flashes of light appearing in
    blotches in front of them. Some also have experienced seeing lights in the form of streaks and
    lightning. Others have perceived lights in the shape of the moon and stars.

    white have been seen by these Mureeds. Light like that of the shining sun at noon with all its
    intensity and brightness have been witnessed. In short so many types of lights have been
    seen by these Mureeds that it would be difficult to enumerate all of them here.

    A common experience of many Mureeds is the sudden inhalation of a whiff of incense or attar
    (perfume). The type of perfume in almost all cases is one that is not being worn by the Mureed
    and is easily recognized due to its unexpected presence.

    During the repetition of Dhikr some Mureeds have experienced a sweet taste on their tongues
    which lingers sometimes from between a day to three or four days on end. Mureeds have been
    given various types of liquids such as water and milk etc to drink by Prophets, particularly Holy
    Prophet (Sal) and Seyyidina Khidr (Alai) during the recital of Salawath (Durood) and Dhikr.
    These liquids represent secret knowledge    
    Some Mureeds have also experienced the sense of touch when they have been totally devoid
    of other company. This experience is common to Mureeds who are nodding off to sleep while
    reciting Quran or while praying or while in Dhikr. Such an experience usually has the effect of
    awakening the mureed and helping him to concentrate.

    Many Mureeds have had the experience of seeing Moulana Sheikh Nazim and also other
    members of the Golden Chain of Spiritual Transmission of the Naqshabandi Tariqat appearing
    before them. Some have had the experience of seeing a host of the Saints (awliya) appearing
    before them.

    A selection of Mureeds see Moulana Sheikh Nazim in flashes at various times of the day or
    night. Some see the entire form of the Sheikh, while some see just the bust or only his face.
    Certain of these Mureeds see Moulana Sheikh Nazim in front of them all the time and Moulana
    is always with them. Wherever they may be or wherever they may go Moulana Sheikh Nazim is
    always present with them. Some of them have also been granted the gift of being able to
    communicate with Moulana. Any question that they put to their Sheik is immediately answered
    knowledge have been communicated to his Mureeds by Moulana Sheikh Nazim in this manner.

    Questions by these Mureeds regarding day to day life, or questions relating to religion and
    Marifatullah (hidden knowledge) and also many other subjects have been answered by
    Moulana Sheikh Nazim. When this type of communication has been granted to a mureed, he
    no longer needs to resort to books in order to further his knowledge. Anything that he desires
    to know is told to him by his Sheik.

    There are some Mureeds who have been given the gift by Moulana Sheikh Nazim of being
    able to see the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sal) appearing before them. To some of them the
    Holy Prophet (Sal) appears to them in flashes. Some are in the presence of the Holy Prophet
    (Sal) at all times  24 hours a day. They are able to communicate with the Holy Prophet (Sal).
    They are able to put questions to Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sal) and they are answered by
    him. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sal) teaches, instructs and guides them.

    Many Mureeds have also the gift of being able to interpret dreams. This they do either by
    asking for the interpretation of these dreams from Moulana Sheikh Nazim or from the Holy
    Prophet (Sal). Sometimes they do this by means of interpreting these dreams according to the
    knowledge that has been given to them. When a person relates a dream to these Mureeds,
    they are even able to actually see the dream visually unfolding before the very eyes of their
    hearts. In some instances, these Mureeds have been able to remind the one who related his
    dream of certain portions of his dream that had been forgotten by him and therefore omitted in
    the narration of it and subsequently the dreamer is able to recollect quite clearly what he had

    The existence of Seyyidina Mahdi (Alai) in these times is doubly confirmed by some Mureeds
    of Moulana Sheik Nazim who have been given the gift of seeing Seyyidina Mahdi (Alai). He is
    so powerful that it is not possible for people to look at his eyes. Moulana Sheikh Nazim has
    however, granted some of his Mureeds the power to look directly into the eyes of Seyyidina
    Mahdi (Alai) and also to communicate with him.

    Certain of the Mureeds of Moulana Sheikh Nazim experience that Moulana appears within
    them. When this happens, they are no longer conscious of themselves as themselves. They
    loose their identity and are conscious of themselves as their Sheikh. They see through
    Moulana's eyes when they look, they hear through Moulana's ears when they speak. They no
    longer see or feel themselves as they no longer exist, only Moulana exists. When a mureed in
    this state makes any movement, this movement is seen by the mureed to be a reflection of
    Moulana Sheikh Nazim. This state is temporary for some Mureeds while for others it is
    established and permanent. In this state the Mureed is known to be going through the process
    of Fana fi Sheik.

    Some Mureeds also experience the state of Fana fi Rasool which is the next stage towards the
    Divine Presence. In this stage the Holy Prophet (Sal) is experienced within the mureed. As in
    the earlier case the Mureeds lose their identity and are conscious of themselves as Moulana
    Sheikh Nazim who is lost in the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sal). They can no longer identify
    themselves as themselves. They now identify themselves while in this state as being mirrored
    by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sal). They now see, hear and experience sensation through
    the Holy Prophet (Sal).

    The ability to look into and witness events that have occurred in the past has also been given
    by Moulana Sheikh Nazim to some of his Mureeds. All that these Mureeds have to do is to
    think of this particular event and they are shown it as it actually happened. For example, if a
    mureed with this gift wished to see a certain incident related in the Quran, for instance the
    incident described in Sura Yoosuf where the ladies of the court of the King while paring fruits
    were so rapt in the beauty of Yoosuf (Alai) that they did not realize that they had cut their
    fingers, or the creation of Adam (Alai) or incidents in the life of any Prophet or Saint. These
    incidents are portrayed to them as they actually took place.

    For instance, if these Mureeds were to read the life story of our Prophet (Sal) they would see
    the incidents unfold before them as if they were happening at that time. The same is true if
    they were to read the life story of a Saint. This is not only restricted to reading. The same
    would occur if another person is relating a story as well, where the story would unfold in front
    of the Mureeds who actually witness the events talked about. In short, all that these Mureeds
    wish to see of the past are depicted to them. This state is being experienced by some of
    Moulana Sheikh Nazim's Mureeds and they are also given access to witness whatever is
    presently occurring anywhere in the world. They have been given the gift of all that they wish
    to see.

    A few Mureeds have been given the gift of being able to look through the eyes of everyone.
    These Mureeds, simply ask Moulana Sheikh Nazim for this ability and are then able to look
    through another’s eyes and see whatever they are seeing. Sights which have arrested one in
    the past and is imprinted in his memory may be recalled by him at a particular instant which a
    Mureed with this ability of looking through anyone’s eyes may see in all it?s glory. For
    instance, if a person has been to the Himalayas and seen a particular mountain range, all that
    the Mureed with this ability has to do is to ask Moulana Shaikh Nazim to let him look through
    this person?s eyes and he would see what that person had seen. This phenomenon is not
    only limited to this, but also to dreams and spiritual visions. If a Mureed with this ability desires
    to look through the eyes of another Mureed with spiritual vision, he is shown this spiritual
    vision  which may be the vision of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sal) or Moulana Sheikh
    Nazim or some other Prophet or Saint.

    Sometimes, Mureeds have been transported to other countries and places. For example they
    may be transported in a moment to London where Moulana Sheikh Nazim would be delivering
    a lecture. Some are known to have visited Mecca, Medina, London and Baghdad in moments
    by the power and the grace of Moulana Sheikh Nazim. Of course there are also certain
    Mureeds who have had the opportunity of being transported beyond the limits of this world,
    beyond the limits of this Galaxy even, and to the very edges of the far Galaxies. They have
    been taken to the Paradises and have experienced the delights therein. They have even seen
    the hells too. They have also visited other worlds and met with their occupants.

    A common phenomenon at this point is the experience of ecstasy in love oceans for Moulana
    Sheik Nazim, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sal) and ultimately towards the Divine
    Presence. This feeling of ecstasy can never be accurately expressed as there is no other
    sensation that can be compared to it. It can only be pointed out that it is even greater than the
    greatest feeling of love that two ardent lovers may have for each other. An example of this
    sensation may be realized from the story of Yoosuf (Alai) where Lady Zulaiha after pining away
    for the love of Yoosuf (Alai) finally has this, her greatest desire granted by Allah Almighty.
    Having wed Yoosuf (Alai) however, on the night of their marriage even this great love for him
    was forgotten in the ecstasy that she felt for Allah Almighty.

    There are also Mureeds who have even developed to the state where they have been given
    the gift of being able to witness everything in creation performing Dhikr constantly. They
    witness everything that they look at shimmering in constant Dhikr. Some even hear this Dhikr.
    Some of the Mureeds of Moulana Sheikh Nazim have been given knowledge of the secrets of
    nature. For, instance the secrets of plants etc, have been granted to these Mureeds.
    A degree of Unity have been experienced by certain Mureeds where they have expanded to
    the extent that they see the Universe at a glance. They are able to see right across the
    Universe and also able to focus on any place that they desire. They see the entire Universe as
    one in all its vastness. They have beheld that the entirety is made of one substance. At some
    point some Mureeds reach the state where they no longer can differentiate between
    themselves and the Universe in its entirety. At this point they see themselves as the entire
    Universe with a single soul  their soul.

    Moulana Sheikh Nazim says that the purpose of religion is to know Allah. He quotes the Hadith
    Qudsi - I was a Hidden Treasure and loved to be known. Therefore the purpose of any religion
    is to find this Hidden Treasure and to discover its secrets. It is towards this end that Moulana
    Sheikh Nazim is training his Mureeds. He guides them to the Divine Presence and seats them
    on the Divine Throne of Allah Almighty to take command of the entire Universe.

    Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran, “I give sovereignty to whom I want.” Moulana Sheik
    Nazim is therefore guiding every seeker who comes to him to achieve this goal. All the
    phenomena experienced by Mureeds discussed above only represent a tiny drop in the ocean
    of knowledge that Moulana Sheikh Nazim intends to impart to his Mureeds. Moulana Sheikh
    Nazim puts it very simply when he says Come to me and I shall give you everything?. Is there
    anything that falls short of everything?