Bismilla hi Rahman ir Raheem. Honourable guests and attendees, muslims or any
    other believers in their Lord, welcome to the celebration of the Greatest One from pre-
    eternity to eternity of those who have been created.  Who is he?  He is the Mercy for
    all Mankind and for all creatures.  He was the first to be created and it was for his
    honour that the whole of creation came into existence and still continues to come into
    existence.  This celebration is a very humble celebration.  We are celebrating the
    birthday of the Seal of Prophets, the last in the chain of Prophet hood.  

    When Almighty Allah sent Adam and Eve away from Paradise to Serendib (Sri Lanka),
    He promised to Adam and Eve that he would be sending to their children, His
    guidance, through His prophets.  He promised to send His messengers for the
    purpose of inviting the children of Adam to His Paradise and to be honoured in His
    Divine Presence  As he promised, He sent down 124,000 Prophets and this Prophet
    hood ended with the Seal of Prophets, Seyyadina Muhammad (Sal).  Now it is his time
    and period.  His period began from the first day of his birth by which he honoured this
    world and would continue upto Qiyama, upto the Day of Resurrection.  Automatically,
    everyone within this period of time became his “nation”.  The nations of the other
    Prophets have ended and now it is the nation of the “Praised One” and the most
    Beloved One, Seyyadina Muhammad (peace be on him).


                                   The Prophet Muhammad's (sal) Ziyaram

    Mankind is left free by Almighty Allah to accept or to refuse, to believe or to deny.  
    Almighty Allah granted to Mankind mind and willpower and because of this there is no
    need for Mankind to be forced into either acceptance or refusal.  This is because our
    minds are sufficient to make clear to us as to what is true and what is false, what is
    haq and what is batil, and our hands and feet have not been tied up.  Yes, we have
    been given Free Will, with which we can either accept the heavenly messengers, or
    not, and to distinguish between real guidance and falsehood.  Now  real guidance has
    come through the last one of the Prophets.

    His name Muhammad means “the Praised One”.  He is the Praised one from pre-
    eternity, from Alzil illal abad.  There is no need for him to have the praising of the
    nations  as he is praised by his Lord Almighty Allah Himself.  What are we giving of
    praise and thanks to him?  When you compare this praise with the praise and honour
    that Allah Almighty has given him and is giving him still, it is

    like an atom in a huge Ocean.  Even if the whole of creation glorifies, honours and
    praises him it would only be like a little dot through an endless Ocean in comparison
    to what Allah Almighty gives him.


                              Ziyaram of the Prophet Muhammad (sal)

                                               The Prophet's (sal) Mosque

    Allah Almighty is praising Muhammad (Sal) without end for the sake of his honour.  
    Mankind however is heedless, ignorant or envious of the rights of that most Beloved
    One of Allah.  They should all be in need of him and one day in need of his shafaah
    (intercession).  We are all getting closer to the Day of Judgment (Yamul Qiyama). On
    this day our way will end, and the One who created Mankind will gather all of Mankind
    together and He will judge them.  This will be his Divine Judgment which will be given
    to all nations, to all people and to all His servants.  That will be the greatest day for
    the whole of Mankind (Yaum Arlul Akbar).  This  Day will be a reality for everyone and
    they will see on this Day about themselves and about others.  Each one will be seen
    through his own being.  On that day there shall be no doubt.  All the Prophets shall
    come in their ranks with their lights (Noor) like the stars and the Seal of Prophets will
    come like a Shining Sun and everyone’s face will turn towards him and everyone’s
    heart will ask from him.  Lord Almighty Allah is hidden through His greatness and
    Muhammad (Sal) is the representative of Almighty Allah.  On the day of Resurrection
    he is going to be “His Praised One”, and Almighty Allah will call him to Maqam ul
    Mahmud (the Praised Station).


                                      Inside Prophet Muhammed's (sal) Mosque

    Mankind will be very repentant and ashamed on that day because they did nothing for
    that Beloved One and Praised One and because they did not respect him enough.  
    Yes, he is beloved in the Divine Presence of the Lord Almighty Allah.  As Allah
    Almighty loves him and granted him to be His Beloved One, He also likes his servants
    to make him their Beloved One.

    Every year we celebrate his birthday very humbly.  I am looking at the Islamic world
    and I see that with every passing year they are giving less respect to this Beloved
    One, because of their wrong understanding.  Those who give less respect to him will
    lose their respect both here and in the hereafter.



                          The Sword and Bow of the Prophet Muhammad (sal)

    Allah Almighty has made His beloved Muhammad (Sal) to represent Haqq and He
    asked His servants to be obedient to Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty is also asking His
    servants to love Muhammad (Sal) and to respect him as Seyyadina Muhammad (Sal)
    is the most respected and honoured servant of Allah.  I heard that when Sri Lanka
    was a British Colony the muslims in Sri Lanka celebrated the birthday of Muhammad
    (Sal) in a grander and brighter way. They were decorating and celebrating with every
    type of beauty and ornaments and they were giving him their respect, most
    respectfully.  It was like Eid (Festival), and even more than Eid every year.  But today
    there are new fashioned reformers of Islam.  They think that they are more
    knowledgeable than our Ulemas, but they are ignorant ones.  They are so ignorant
    that they are not even able to distinguish between respecting and worshipping.  They
    are so foolish that when someone is respected they say that it is “shirk”(associating
    partners with Allah).  They do not understand.

    Respect is one thing and worship is something else.  Today everyone knows whom
    we should worship and also they know how to respect Rasoolullah (Sal) because Allah
    Almighty ordered His servants to respect His Beloved Prophet. But these foolish ones
    are bringing bidaat (innovations) into Islam.  They are making the Muslims into
    Mushriks and  because of these people the weak Muslims are fearing to show their
    respect for the Prophet (Sal).  They are so very fearful, and I am asking them “what is
    the reason that you are so afraid to show your respect to the Prophet by reciting
    Salawath. (recitation or prayer asking for blessing from Allah Almighty on the Prophet
    Muhammad on whom be peace.)





                                                 The Prophet's (sal) sword

    Allah gives Salawath  to His Beloved Muhammad ceaselessly.  You are only giving
    Salawath perhaps once daily, twice, ten times, hundred times, or may be a thousand
    times.  But Allah Almighty’s Salawath is endless and is forever.  It is everlasting and so
    do His Angels give Salawath to the Prophet (Sal).  “How are you able to say, “don’t
    recite Salawath”.  What is this foolishness from these reformers? That is unbelief
    (kufr) from them.  Allah Almighty says, “Oh Moomins, say Salawath and give your
    respect to My Most Beloved and Most Praised One”.  But they say, “No, don’t do it, it
    is haram (forbidden), it is bidaat”(innovation).  What is this folly?  The minds of people
    today are being dirtied by these reformers, and if not for this fact, this place would not
    be enough for the Muslims, who would have attended this celebration today. They are
    not even attending this humble celebration because of their fear.

    Oh people, oh Moomins (true believers), you must understand what it is to give
    respect.  At every Jumma, the Muezzin calls out “Innallahu wa malaikatahu yusalloona
    alan nabiyi” (Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet).  This is not only
    from Jumma to Jumma, but forever, endlessly.  Allah Almighty’s praising is from the
    beginning.  There was no one in existence even, when it began.

    Therefore, we say that our Prophe t(sal) is not in need of our praise because Allah
    Almighty, Innahu Wa hami-dun Majid – Himself is carrying by Himself glorification and
    also His Prophet (Sal) is praised and is glorified by his Lord Almighty Allah.  These
    servants who do not say Salawath are so small, like ants, it doesn’t matter.  If they say
    Salawath and respect the Prophet they will be honoured.  If not let them be like unto



                  Prophet Muhammad's (sal) right foot print on a marble plaque

     If we are to try to describe the greatness of Beloved Muhammad (Sal) during these
    celebrations, we will not be able to finish it even up to the end of the year or even up
    to the end of the world, because he was created to be the Master of the world
    (Seyyadul Alamin).  He was created to be great, therefore he is great.  You may
    understand this if you use your mind to think on this.  You may see from his actions
    and then understand, whether he is great or not.  Mankind must know who he was,
    and what he did.  Yes they must know who he was, how he came, and how he lived
    and thereafter you may give your judgment about him.  All Mankind will at sometime
    come to know about him.  Ashadu Lilla, we are witnesses for Allah Almighty as Allah
    Almighty is witness for him, you should be witness of his greatness.

    Rasoolullah shahid Allah Annahu, Rasoolullah Wa Kafa Billah Hi Shahida,
    Muhammadu  Rasoolullah- As Allah is witness, even if all Mankind denies him it is not
    going to do any harm, yes, it des not matter.  Only the witnessing of Allah is enough,
    more than enough.  Allah says “I am witness that he is My representative, My servant,
    My messenger”.  These little men will some day come to declare his greatness.  They
    must declare, because Mankind is in need of peace in this world and salvation in the
    next.  It is not possible to establish peace here, and to have safety there, without
    declaring the greatness of Muhammad (peace be upon him), and without being a
    follower they cannot reach to any levels from among their aims. Muhammad is the
    Greatest One.  Mankind must use their minds to think about him.


                                      The Prophet Muhammed's (sal) Mosque

                                                      The Outer Ziyaram

    He was born fifteen centuries ago in an unknown desert.  He was born to a tribe
    whose characteristic was to be Jahil (ignorant).  Before he was born, when he was in
    the womb of his mother, his father died and he was orphaned.  Four years after he
    was born his mother also passed away and then he had neither father nor mother to
    look after him.  He had only his Lord for his teacher and for his trainer. When he grew
    up to be forty years of age he was well known among his tribe to be Ameen
    (Trustworthy, True One).  No one was ever wronged by him.  He was never known to
    have lied to anyone nor to have harmed anyone.  He was such a Diamond.  He was
    such a pure creation.  That alone is enough for Mankind to look at him with good
    eyes.  Why don’t they analyze the personality of Muhammad, Yes? Today they are
    analyzing everything.  Why not analyze the personality of Muhammad (Sal)? Oh
    Mankind, what are you waiting for?  Before you end up in ashes look at his great
    personality, so that it will give you peace, confidence and happiness.  The East and
    West are going to be in ashes after the Third World War, and the ones who survive
    will be the ones sitting on top of ashes.  Therefore Mankind is in need to analyze the
    personality of that one, as to what his tribe said about him, about his life up to his
    fortieth year.  They may ask and they may inquire and then they may analyze his
    character as to how he lived.

    When he was in his fortieth year he suddenly came up to his tribe, “Oh Mankind, I
    have been just ordered to declare to you the existence and the unity of your Lord
    Almighty Allah.  Say, “La ilaha illallah (there is no God but Allah), La ilaha illallah, La
    ilaha illallah”.  The very sound of his “La ilaha illallah” is even heard upto date from
    the Far East to the Far West.  Do you think that this is possible for just one person?  
    How is it possible that his first declaration, his first order to Mankind, asking them to
    say “La ilaha illallah” is heard upto date between East and West making the world
    tremble?  “La ilaha illallah”, is continuously being repeated and never stops from the
    Far East to the far West.




                                   The Stamp of the Prophet Muhammad (sal)

    As long as the Sun rises and sets and rises again, in every station that the Sun is at
    any given moment, the Azan (the call for prayers) is being called throughout the world
    and it never stops.  There is not a moment in this world when the Azan is not being
    called out.  The Muezzin (the one who calls for prayer) in Azan calls out “La ilaha
    illallah.  Ashadu an la ilaha illallah, Ash hadu anna Muhammadur Rasoolullah.  Allahu
    Akbar, Allahu Akbar.  La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasoolullah”.  This goes on
    continuously throughout the world from that time, upto date. Do you think that one
    person with his physical power can do this?  Do you think about that?  Yes, he must
    be a king-sized person to have been able to do that.  He is a universal and unique
    personality to be able to do this up to date and up to eternity.  Therefore he is the
    Greatest One.  You may accept it or reject it.  Those who accept this will be honoured,
    and there will be no more honour for those who do not accept this.  They who do not
    accept this are like rubbish, like garbage.  There is so much of garbage on earth
    now.  There will be a big sweeper coming after the war to sweep away all this garbage,
    because Mankind is not giving their respect for the most respected and Praised One.  
    Yes, upto to date and upto eternity there is going to be the sound of “La ilaha illallah
    Muhammdur Rasoolullah (Sal) in the earth and in the heavens.  This is also written on
    the Divine Throne, and it is the Divine Seal through the heavens, the Arsh Kursi and


                                 The Turban of the Prophet Muhammad (sal)

    Try to put that seal into your heart.  When you put that seal through your heart you
    are going to attain to peace with yourself and around yourself, and it will become a
    shelter for you and be around you.  May Allah forgive us for our bad understanding,
    and our bad actions for the sake of his Beloved Prophet, Muhammad (Sal).  May Allah
    bless us and grant us good understanding and respect for his Praised Servant –
    Seyyadina Muhammad, peace be upon him.  May Allah Almighty put through your
    hearts love and respect for His beloved Muhammad (Sal), and may He also give you
    the courage to be able to carry His message throughout the East and the West.  
    Muhammad (Sal) is the Messenger of Almighty Allah for the whole of Mankind.  He
    started to preach this message of Islam when he was forty years old.  He did his best
    for Mankind.  Everything is open for his sake to Mankind.

    Before the advent of Islam the whole world was in darkness.  He brought the Holy
    Quran from his Lord Almighty Allah.  This Holy Book, Quran i Kareem, is the Mother of
    all Books (Ummul Kitab).  From this book came the Glorious and Majestic Civilization
    of Islam.  When the civilization of Islam was at its height, Europe was in darkness and
    in ignorance.  Islam came with the Lights of Knowledge – Real Knowledge.  From that
    Holy Quran, millions of books have been written.  In our days too more and more
    books are being written.  People are reaching to endless knowledge from that book.  
    Is it not sufficient for Mankind to look at the Holy Quran and see what it brought to
    Mankind? It is blame for Mankind for being so blind and not being able to see what the
    Holy Quran brought to Mankind, and what kind of Civilization it brought to Mankind?
    Upto today, no other Civilization has surpassed this.

    The Prophet Muhammad (Sal) trained an ignorant community to become the best
    example for Mankind.  He took them from the lowest level to the highest level.  Even
    today Islam brings to Mankind the best ones.  No other religion is able to bring such
    best persons as Islam brought and granted to Mankind.

    I heard a couple of years ago an address to the world which was made by the Pope.  
    This was the Pope’s message to the world on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of
    Moulana Jalaludeen Rumi (a great saint of Islam).  The Pope was praising Jalaludeen
    Rumi saying that he was such a huge personality and such a praiseworthy person.  
    Jalaludeen is only one saint among the many saints in Islam.  He was only one star in
    the sky of Islam.  Moulana Jalaludeen Rumi had himself, said about the Prophet, “I am
    a slave to Beloved Muhammad (Sal)”. Yes,  the Pope is accepting Jalaludeen,
    accepting a star-Jalaludeen, but he is not able to look at the Sun-Muhammad (Sal).  
    The Pope is not able to say anything about Muhammad (Sal) and his greatness but
    he talks about the greatness of Moulana Jalaludeen, and Moulana Jalaludeen was
    prepared and trained by the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Sal).

    Oh people, Muhammad, is the Greatest for ever.  This celebration is only a humble
    one and I hope that it is accepted by Allah Almighty. We ask Allah Almighty for
    forgiveness as we are not doing our best for his Beloved Servant Muhammad (Sal).  
    May Allah grant you His endless favours and peace. May He make in your hearts, love
    and respect for His beloved ones, and may He make you real followers on the way of
    Muhammad (Sal).  May Allah Almighty also make a way for the whole of Mankind to
    understand him and to follow in his steps, so that it will bring happiness, peace and
    everlasting real life, both here and in the hereafter to Mankind.


                     The tree under which the Holy Prophet (sal) took shelter

                                                         The End



And Lo! (O Muhammad), verily thou
art of a Tremendous Nature

(Holy Quran 68:4)
This speech was delivered by Sheik Nazim on the occasion of the Birthday Celebration
(Meelad un Nabi) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sal)