A blind person can never be a guide.  How can a blind person direct you to any
    place in a city?  How can a blind person be a guide for others?  In the same way,
    a spiritually blind person may speak on something that he has learnt from books,
    and he is telling what he has read to others who are also blind.  In this way blind
    people are advising each other. But a person who is not blind, can always advice
    others because he is looking and seeing through Divine wisdom.  He is therefore
    able to advice and teach people.  He can do this in a speech or even in a
    assembly of people.  It does not matter how many people are there in this
    assembly, he can still advice everyone present even if there be hundreds or
    thousands or millions or billions of people. If common people are gathering in
    front of a person who is not spiritually blind, he may be able to advice all of them
    as he is a real guide and he may also guide them to their destinations.  

    Therefore it is very important to have a guide in the way of Tariqat.  This guide is
    a person who knows the directions of everyone whom he is guiding towards their
    destination.  If he cannot see the destinations of the people whom he is guiding, it
    is not possible for him to guide them.  This is why grandshiekh was saying that a
    blind man cannot be a guide to other blind men.   Common people are blind
    regarding the Divine Realities. When they are unable to know about the Divine
    Worlds and Heavens, then they need to be guided by someone towards his
    destination.  He needs a guide to teach him and to train him in order for him to be
    able to reach to his destination.  This is why it is important for a person to find a
    guide or a sheikh and it is not everyone who is speaking or preaching or giving
    lectures who can guide people to their destinations.  Only those people who are
    able to look on the preserved tablet may guide people.

    Everyone may speak a lot of things which they have learnt from books or through
    hadees or through Quaranic verses, but if he does not know wisdom through the
    Quran and Hadees, he cannot guide people, because his guiding will be useless
    as he does not know the destination of the people whom he is guiding.  They
    cannot be a guide because they do not know the destinations that were given to
    people on the Day of Promises by Allah Almighty.  We are trying to take away the
    veils from the hearts of people so that they will be able to look also and see what
    their destinations are going to be.  Then they will come to know their
    destinations.  When someone knows the ways of our destinations then it is going
    to give us Divine Power for leading people and for guiding them.

    When you are moving towards your destination, you may be also able to be a
    guide and to teach people and show them their promises that were given to them
    on the Day of Promises.  Then it is going to be easier for that person to follow his
    promises which were given to him on the day of promises.  Therefore, till we reach
    to that step where we are able to look at our destinations we may be lazy or our
    egos may have many objections.  But for the one who has reached to his
    destination, to the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty, he will be given a power for
    dealing with people and also for worshipping his Lord Allah Almighty.  

    Therefore it is very important for us to find a guide who can look and see what
    promises we have been given on the day of promises and also one who can look
    and see what our destinations are.  This is why everyone must look for a spiritual
    guide and for guidance.  Their guides will then look after their followers and show
    them their destinations and help them to reach the Divine Presence through the
    authority that has been given to them by Allah Almighty.

    Awliya are not ordinary people.  The Awliya are those people that are with their
    Lord forever and they never do things according to their egos desires.  They are
    the ones who are controlling their egos and their nafs and then Allah Almighty
    gives them sainthood.  If a person does not leave his egos desires then Allah
    Almighty shall not give him the power and the authority that are given to Awliyas.  
    Therefore it is important for everyone to look for a guide and guidance, otherwise
    he is going to be in difficulty even to begin the first station on his journey to Allah
    Almighty.  They should look for a sincere person who wills advice them when they
    do something wrong and also change them so that he will be able to move on the
    path of Allah Almighty.

                              BI HURMATIL HABIBI BI HURMATIL FATHIHA