Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

    Our people are very happy that they are not donkeys but they are asking to be
    chairman.  What shall we do about this?  

    Don’t forget your Lord Allah Almighty.  May Allah bless you.  Allah Almighty is
    feeding you and you are getting fat.  I was looking at the ants and wondering why
    the ants do not get fat as people do.  They too eat but they do not get fat.    
    Mankind is eating also and they are getting fat. What is the reason for this?  The
    reason is that the ants are conscious that they have been created to glorify their
    Lord.  They know this.  This is why they are not running after enjoyment by eating
    and drinking like mankind does.  Their pleasure is to glorify their Lord and
    Creator.  They are only ants and we are Mankind.

    We are living through seven continents.  Is it seven or seventy?  We do not think
    of glorifying our Creator.  Do you think that the people of the 21st century are
    concerned about glorifying their Creator?  Please tell me the truth about this for
    the sake of Allah.  The ants are glorifying their Lord but is mankind concerned
    about glorifying their Creator?  Tell me the truth for the sake of Allah Almighty as
    to how many among Mankind are really concerned about glorifying their Lord.  
    How many are interested in their Lord and how many are thinking about their Lord
    in order to glorify their Creator.

    Yet we have been created to be the Khalif (representative) of Allah Almighty on
    Earth, to be His Deputy on Earth.  How many of us are even thinking on this point.  
    What is the target or aim of men and women today and what are they thinking
    about and of what are they interested in?  Oh Allah forgive us.  Mankind is on the
    wrong way.  If mankind is not interested in glorifying their Creator then their level
    is below the level even of the ant.  People think that they have been created for
    enjoyment and eating and drinking only and they are not interested in glorifying
    their Creator.  

    Still we are expecting favours from Allah Almighty.  The Lord of heavens is giving
    everything to mankind and is also looking at them to see which of them are
    glorifying their Lord.  The one who created us is giving us countless favours and
    still mankind is heedless and this is the reason for heavenly cursings to come
    down.  When this heavenly cursing comes down this will cause their end and they
    will be finished.   The anger of the Creator will take them away as if for example a
    big plate of stone falls onto another plate of stone crushing the ants and other
    creatures caught between these plates and they will be finished.  We therefore
    fear that the anger of Allah Almighty is now growing and that soon it may fall on
    Mankind and this will take them away.

    The television is saying, “Don’t be unhappy and don’t be sorry,” and in Iraq 80 to
    100 people are dying daily or maybe hundreds or thousands of people are also
    dying today.  This will be nothing in comparison to the number that will die when
    the anger and cursing of the Creator comes down.  Mankind is now looking for the
    biggest cursing to come down from heaven.  

    There is a knowledge that has reached to me from holy people that out of the six
    billion people who are now living five billion people will be taken away and there
    will only remain one billion people.  People ask me, “Why, Oh sheikh, are you
    saying this?”  I am saying this because of the things that people are now
    concerned about and are thinking of.  They are thinking and are interested in for
    example the World Cup.  Their whole attention is focused on this event.  They
    awaken in the morning with football on their mind and they are sleeping in night
    with football on their minds, and they are asking Allah Almighty for good days.  
    What is this foolishness?  All this is for the sake of a cup.  I also have cups like
    this in my house.  If they wanted I could have given them.  All this for these foolish
    cups.  Billions of people are running after this cup.  The brass in this cup is also
    imitated.  There is real copper and they are interested in this cup and this cup has
    become so important for them now.  This is what they are interested in.

    Ibrahim Adham, may Allah bless him was Cihan Padishah – he was a King of
    Dunya, he was one of the richest Sultans.  I am hearing from holy people about
    his richness that only to look after his flock he had 12,000 dogs and that each of
    these dogs had a golden chain.  You can just imagine how many would have been
    his flocks if 12,000 dogs were necessary to look after them.  He was such a rich
    sultan.  He was also interested in hunting which was his hobby.  One day when he
    was hunting and going after a deer he heard a voice from his right side saying,
    “Ya Ibrahim Adham! Do you think that you have been created for this (hunting) or
    that you have been created for some other purpose.”  

    When Ibrahim Adham heard this he quickly left the hunt and returned.  In the
    same manner I am now asking mankind “Do you think that you have been created
    for eating and drinking and enjoyment and nothing else?”  If you have been
    created for nothing other than eating drinking and enjoying then your value is also
    nothing.  There is no value for you.  If you are saying, “I have no other interest
    also in creation” then too you are going to be nothing.  I am asking this same
    question the people of today that was asked of Ibrahim Adham.  Leave business
    people alone.  Even Prime Ministers or Ministers and other such big people too
    are now running after football.  I am asking them have they been created for this.  

    There are about two billion people gazing at their television sets  watching football
    and Shaitan is making these people to forget their honour, the honour that has
    been granted to Mankind which is to glorify their Creator.  For the sake of one
    football the whole world is getting up from their chairs and sitting.  This is blame
    for mankind.  This is seventy times blame for mankind and the Lord of heavens is
    looking at Mankind.  He may ask you on the Day of Judgment “Oh servant of
    Shaitan! Oh servant of football, you are not my servant as you are running after a
    football and not thinking of anything else and I have honoured you to be my
    servant in my Divine Presence and you are taking this honour and now running
    after a football and you are not doing anything for Me nor are you glorifying Me.”  
    He will say, “Take these dirty servants away to be with Shaitan, I don’t like to look
    at them and I am not accepting them as they did not glorify me. They forgot me,
    they forgot the honour that I granted to them, so take them away from My Divine
    Presence.”  They should then be taken away and at that time they would say, “Oh
    if only we had been animals because animals will be made into dust but we are
    going to be sent to hell for punishment.”  

    Oh Allah Almighty we are in need of someone from the Heavens. Send us
    Heavenly Dressed people to appear to us so that they can take us back again to
    our real position which is to glorifying our Lord, if not mankind will be finished and
    will reach to the worst punishment through hells.

    May Allah forgive me and forgive you and bless you! Ya Allah, Ant-Allah! “Wa
    dhakkir!” the Lord of Heavens was saying to His most beloved servant Seyyadina
    Muhammad, “Oh My beloved one, most beloved one, remind My servants that I
    created them and I am asking to dress  them with Heavenly Dressings of honour
    to be for Me but they run away from Me – take them away!”  

    Oh people, give the rights due to your Lord Almighty Allah and try to bring your
    egos down. Try to put reigns on your ego’s mouth. Allah Almighty is asking you to
    put a control on your egos.  If you are not making that control on your egos, your
    egos, it will be taking you to Hells.  You will have to be here and hereafter in bad
    conditions; There will be no taste for you in  life here and no enjoyment in eternal
    life, for eternal eternity.  Therefore, try not to loose eternity and eternal life!

    May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured servant in His Divine
    Presence, Seyyadina Muhammed (sal). Fathiha.