Tauba, ya Rabbi, Taba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah
    Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah!

    Allah Almighty has sent Islam with Heavenly Rules not only for praying and worshipping
    but also for arranging the relationship between people, nations and communities so
    that they can govern themselves with Islam. Through Islam there will be a good
    relationship between and amongst people and Shaitan will be unsuccesful. Shaitan
    always likes to come in between people in order to bring enmity among them. He is the
    worst enemy of the children of Adam. He loves to plant jealousy and envy that would
    bring about enmity among the children of Adam. He is trying to bring every bad thing
    into order to destroy them. Every Fitna comes from Shaitan and from the people who
    follow Shaitan from every direction. When they follow Shaitan even the nations will
    become enemies to each other.

    It has reached to me from old knowledge, which are from heavenly books that when the
    Last Day is approaching the nations will be fighting among themselves. Before this
    nations were fighting each other and now they are fighting amongst themselves. It is
    written that there will come a time that the people of a nation will become enemies to
    each other and will be fighting each other. Today the Muslim world is fighting amongst
    themselves and are running away from the great power and greatness granted by
    Islam (Haybat ul Islam).

    The Arabs are fighting the Arabs and the Turks are fighting the Turks. The Persians
    are fighting each other and so are the Afghan people fighting each other. The Islamic
    world is now fighting each other and have become enemies to each other. This is one
    of the biggest signs of the approaching of Yawm al Qiyamah, the Last Days. We are in
    these days now and there is no cure or solution for mankind and particularly for the
    Islamic world. Today, the Muslims number about 1.5 Billion and the Holy Prophet (sal)
    was saying that there will be so many people and there number will be in millions and
    billions but their value will only be like what the water carries - foam. Now we are in this
    time and the people still do no not understand.

    The first responsibility is on the Arabs because it is through the Arab world that other
    nations inherited the Holy Quran and its rules. The Arabs are however running after
    Western ways now. You cannot follow the non Muslims and the Arabs are now following
    Western ways too. Allah Almighty shall punish the Arab Muslims seven (7) times more
    than he would punish the other Muslims.

    There is no nationality in Islam. ‘Innama-l muminuna ikhwa,’ Allah Almighty says that all
    believers are brothers and sisters to each other. Don’t ever say ‘I am a Turk, I am an
    Arab, I am Kurdish, I am an Englishman or I am an Italian. No, we are believers, We are
    Muslims and there is no other honour of being something above this. People however
    are following Shaitanic ways and are instead saying ‘No Arabs are better,’ and the
    Turks are saying ‘We are better than the Kurds’. The Iranians say ‘we do not care
    about the others and we are number one. The Libyans, Egyptians, Somalians and the
    Arabs and so many others are declaring today ‘We are the first Ones and We are
    number one’. All of them are on the wrong way.  

    We are asking to go on true steps.  Ask Allah Almighty to grant to you good, true
    steps.  This is because to go on the right path you need to take true steps.  With wrong
    steps you cannot walk on the true way.  Wrong steps will only carry you and lead you to
    the fire as we are in it now.  This is the fire of Dunya and this is nothing compared to
    hell fire.  Oh people!  Think on what I am saying. There is no honour for nations and to
    say that I am better than this one and that one.  Only those who keep the Holy Orders
    and take true steps will be the honoured and accepted servants in the Divine
    presence.  I am saying this to all the nations.  No one can object to what I am saying.  If
    anyone objects he will be an unbeliever.  

    Even other religions are only calling people to accept servant hood to their Lord.  They
    do not call people and tell them that English people are number one and French
    people are number six and Italian people and German people are this number or that.
    No! This is wrong.  The England church, the Roman church, the Constantinople
    church, the Damascus church,  the Iskandaria church, Alexandria church, all these are
    wrong and the only church is to follow Allah  and His orders, and not titles of
    Christianity or Islam.  Every title that belongs to Dunya is wrong and false.

    Oh people! Try to be humble to Allah Almighty so that He may call you, “Oh My
    servants.”  This is honour to us.  To so many people Allah Almighty will not be
    addressing them as “My servants.”  Instead He will d order the angels to bring, “the
    servants of shaitan” and they will be brought to the Divine Court.  He never addresses
    these people as ‘My servants.’  To be called by the term ‘My servants’ is the highest
    rank and the highest honour in the Divine Presence.  To be addressed, ‘Oh My servant
    X, oh My servant Y or oh My servant Z, come!’ is honour.   

    Sultan ul Arifin, Bayazid Al Bistami was once saying, “Everyone is fearing about the
    Last Day, but I am however waiting, expecting and wanting to reach to that Day only to
    hear even once ‘Oh Abu Yazid, My servant, come for your judgment, come. It is enough
    honour for me up to eternity to hear Allah Almighty addressing me, ‘Oh! Abu Yazid, My
    servant come.’  This is so tasteful for me.  This is so sweet for me.  This is enough for
    me through all eternity.  I am not in need of paradise.  Allah Almighty’s addressing me
    without stopping and continuously for always is making me drunk with pleasure with
    sweetness and with everything.  Ohhhhhh…..’

    Oh people therefore try so that you too will be called ‘Oh My servant come to me.’ It is
    indeed very sad and unlucky not to be called by your name in the Divine Presence,
    and to this type of people Allah Almighty will order His angels, “Ask that servant, did I
    not create him, did I not give everything he wanted and he was never giving Me, My
    rights nor was he keeping My respect or My glory.  Look at that servant. He never did
    all this.  Take him away.  Don’t bring him to My Divine Presence.”

    Oh people time is over now.  Everything should also be over.  Everyone will die.  If not
    today they will die tomorrow.  If not this year they shall die the next year.  One day
    surely death shall come to them and everybody will be taken away.  Therefore be
    careful and think about how you will be addressed by Allah Almighty on the Day of
    Judgment, on the Day of Resurrection.

    May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His
    Divine Presence, Seyyadina Muhammed (sal).Fathiha