When people forget to say ‘Assalamu alaikum,’ instead of peace, cursings come on
    them. As Salaam, is a name of Allah Almighty and He has granted us to speak to each
    other with it.  People forget this and when a person uses ‘Assalamu alaikum’ blessings
    is coming on that person from the Heavens.  When they forget this cursings come on
    that person.

    Muslims today are forgetting to say Assalamu Alaikum. They say, “this is an old custom
    and now we must do as the Europeans do and say, ‘Good Morning.’  The Germans will
    say, “Guten Morgen”  and the Arabs also say, “Sabahu ul khair” and the people of
    Shaam have also lost this and they say “Kayf Halali.”  Instead of saying these things to
    each other say, “Assalamu Alaikum” as much as possible.  Use these Holy Words and
    Heavenly Greetings which is ‘Assalamu Alaikum’. Allah sends His blessings on you and
    gives you peace.  When you say ‘Assalamu Alaikum’ the other person also blesses you
    by saying “Wa alaikum as-salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!”

    Today people are forgetting everything that has come from the Heavens and instead
    they are using imitated greetings that have no spirituality.  There are no Heavenly
    Blessings coming from these greetings because they are is no life in these words.  But
    in the greeting ‘Assalamu Alaikum' there is so much blessings.  This greeting is full of
    blessings.  When you say ‘Assalamu Alaikum,’ Allah Almighty dresses you with
    blessings, with heavenly blessings, and He is saying, “Wa alaikum salaam” and in this
    way blessings are coming on you from the Heavens.

    People are now living in a time of ignorance.  May Allah forgive us.  Everything that is
    coming on mankind now is because they are stepping on wrong ways now. Allah
    Almighty did not ask mankind to be wild.  He did not ask mankind to harm each other or
    to kill each other.  Instead He is asking mankind, to be peaceful and be full with
    blessings. He says, “You must be merciful and be full of blessings with each other and
    when you do this Allah Almighty also sends His Heavenly blessings on you.  But like I
    said before mankind is so wild today.  Even wild animals do not kill each other as
    Mankind does.  No, wild animals are friendlier to each other than mankind is with each
    other.  It is a big blame for mankind as they are wild to each other and harmful to each

    Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultan ul Awliya! It is only going to be a short time.  Ayamun
    madudat.  It is only going to be a short time for you, which you can count by days or
    months or years.  They are counted days, counted months or counted years.  I was
    thinking that it was only as if it was yesterday, when I was just five years old.  Now I am
    85 years old.  I do not know when Allah Almighty is going to call me.  If more life than
    these years is going to be granted to a person then it will be a burden for that person
    to carry.  It is difficult for a person to carry on with a life after the age of seventy years.  
    This is why the Prophet (sal) said, “My nation will have their life for about sixty or
    seventy years and after this they shall get out.  Very rarely will there be those who go
    above seventy years.”  

    If a person lives for more than seventy years his life may very well become a burden for
    him.  This is only for people who do not have Heavenly Blessings.  If a person is over
    seventy and Heavenly Blessings come on that person, he shall be happy because
    these blessings shall come on him and his physical being will be supported by
    Heavenly Blessings and Spirituality and with Soul Power.  But as for those who do not
    have this support and who do not ask for their spirituality or their souls and who don’t
    take care of spirituality throughout their lives then after sixty years they are quickly
    going to come down and they are going to be like skeletons wrapped with skin. Their
    minds will stop working and every organ of their body will become tired and they will be
    retired. They will not be even able to taste what they are eating and drinking and their
    lives will become a heavy burden for them. Even if they are wealthy and are flying
    around in ‘golden planes’ and even if they are seated on ‘golden seats’ that person is
    not going to be happy and neither are all his ‘golden heaps’ going to make him happy
    or give him refreshment. If this person is a female and if she has a great amount of
    jewelry neither will this make her happy or give her refreshment.

    Wilderness comes to people when they forget Heavenly Teachings. When mankind
    loses this and begins to disobey the Heavenly Rules they get into difficult situations.
    This is why instead of wanting to live they are asking to die. La Hawla Wala Quwata
    Illah Billahil Aleeyul Aleem.

    Oh our Lord, please sent to us the Sultan from Heavens so that he can arrange our
    lives. Our lives are now being arranged by Shaitan. Shaitanic people and shaitanic
    devils are now in charge of arranging the lives of people and they are programming the
    life of mankind. They are now asking to arrange the lives of mankind through
    computers and they have now invented the computer. Nations and governments are
    now trying to arrange the lives of mankind through this computer. They are not
    accepting the Heavenly Programs that was granted to the servants of Allah Almighty to
    be followed.

    During every period in the past a different program was sent to mankind through the
    respective Prophets and each Prophet had a program for his nation, for his Umma.
    Then the last Prophet was sent also with a Heavenly Program towards the last period of
    time. But people are throwing this away and trying to follow the programs of Shaitan.
    Now Shaitan is programming mankind. All nations are now accepting this Shaitanic
    program and every nation is now running according to the programs of Shaitan.

    Even Muslims have now taken away the Heavenly Programs and replaced them with
    this Shaitanic program. They are refusing to accept the programs that came down from
    Heavens. They are saying, “we need democracy and we need to elect a new
    programmer who will program us”. Oh donkey, you are even not able to select a melon
    therefore how are you going to elect a programmer! How are you claiming that you
    must bring a new program for mankind? You say that the programs that your ancestors
    were using are now old fashioned and that you must have new programs. How can this
    be? You even say “Oh Sheikh, you are also an old fashioned person”.

    Now they are trying to elect men for men and ladies for ladies through their election.
    They say, “One parliament for gentlemen and one parliament for ladies please - this is
    real democracy”. “There is one government for men and one government for ladies. If
    the ladies object to this the men must accept, but if the men are objecting, it is not
    necessary for the ladies to accept”. This is what they say. Therefore people are now in
    two parts or two classes. One of them should be selected like women select melons.
    And the second will be elected through elections and the women must look at these
    elected ones. They are like apes. They have been selected and they have been
    elected. Excellent. They say that the selected ones are much more important.

    People are today so stubborn.  They do not want to accept Heavenly Rules.  They say
    that Heavenly Rules are backward and that they are not accepting them.  They say, “ If
    it is necessary we may even use guns against those who have been elected.  We may
    give them liquor and make them drunk and when they fall down on the floor we shall
    bind their hands and feet and when they wake up we shall tell them that they have now
    lost the elections and that we are now the ones who will be governing our nations and
    you are finished.  We are doing this in order to renew democracy because the type of
    democracy that you gave us is useless, has no meaning and is not working.  Therefore
    we must bring a new type of democracy where people have to be active and the old
    ones should be removed.  Yes we must renew democracy.”

    People do not follow Heavenly Rules and due to this curses come down on them.  Allah
    Almighty is the only one who knows as to what is going to happen to those who refuse
    to follow Heavenly Rules.  They are the heedless ones amongst mankind.  Everybody
    is trying to set a program and call it the true program.  This is what comes to them
    through their minds and as such it has no value and they do not accept the Heavenly
    Program.  As long as they are refusing to follow the Heavenly Program, curses are
    coming on them.

    Today we see the Arabs killing the Israelis and the Israelis killing the Arabs, we see
    Arabs killing the Iranians and the Iranians killing the Russians.  The Russians kill the
    Americans and the Americans kill the Japanese, the Japanese in turn are killing the
    Koreans.  The Pakistani people are fighting the Indians and the black people are
    fighting the white people, the white people are killing the red people and the red people
    are refusing to accept the yellow people.

    Oh! People you must use your minds and try to make them clean minds.  You must
    think on what I say.  All the governments and the nations must come to obey Heavenly
    Programs.  If not Allah Almighty shall take you away from this life and put you into hell.  
    Even those who are living are also living in a state like in hell and this is hell through
    this life.  

    Oh! People you must accept the Heavenly Program and fight to bring in the Heavenly
    Program.  This programme is to be found in the Holy Quran.  It cannot be found in the
    Old Testament or in the New Testament because all of them are now out of time.  This
    is only to be found in the power of the Holy Quran.  Oh Muslims!  You must take care
    otherwise you shall have double the punishment of the non Muslims.

    Oh Arabs!  Don’t fight among yourselves.  Try to live peacefully with each other and
    with honour.  Allah Almighty has granted to you a glorious life by giving you the Divine
    Program.  Don’t refuse it.  Try to be merciful towards all creation.  Yes, you are not
    even supposed to kill an ant without reason.  Oh! Muslims, Oh Jews and all you people
    of the other nations, you cannot even kill an ant without a reason.  When this is the
    case you are killing so many people and Allah Almighty is going to ask you even if you
    kill an ant as to why you killed that ant without a reason, and He will say, “Why did you
    kill this ant as I have created it in order to glorify me and you killed the ant that was
    glorifying me.”  Then what is the situation about your killing of mankind.

    You must try to make people to glorify their Lord and to be friendly and kind to each
    other in order that Allah Almighty may grant you His endless blessings and that He may
    dress you with the honour of making you His successor or khalipha on this earth. He
    shall also dress you from the glory of the Divine Presence.  May Allah forgive you and
    bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His Divine Presence.  People are
    not able to understand what I say because they are now on the wrong steps or way.  
    These wrong steps of mankind is paving the way for this world to fall into a valley of fire
    and in this valley there is endless trouble to be found and there shall be no rest for
    mankind here or in the hereafter.  May Allah forgive us for the honour of the most
    honoured one in His Divine Presence, Seyyadina Muhammad (sal). Fathiha.